June 17, 2024

Stuck in the bodice

How to correctly determine your size and choose a bra? Fashion for bras today – a synonym for sexuality. The key principles of choosing bras: a minimum of fabric and seams plus natural expensive fabrics – silk and organza, gorgeous laces, embroideries, pleated tulle, muslin, pique, etc.

Doctors-mammologists advise every woman to know a few rules, so as not to harm your health and choose the right clothes.

There is such a thing as chronic trauma. If a woman wears too tight clothes, this leads to a violation of the blood supply and provokes breast disease.

Rules for choosing a bra:

• Lingerie should be matched to fit – tight underwear, “bones” once again injures the chest.
• Women’s underwear should “breathe”. The effect of the steam room harms the skin, therefore the fabric from which the bra is made must be hygroscopic, made of natural fabrics.
• Wearing lingerie should not be more than twelve hours. The rest of the time the breast should rest from any fettering its freedom of toilet items.
• During pregnancy, feeding a child, playing sports, it is best to wear functional underwear. During sports, the chest should not “jump” and distract. Therefore, it must be packed in linen, which has a strong supporting effect. Comfortable underwear for sports is just like good sneakers.
• It is necessary to have several bras to change them every two to three days.

The main functions of a bra in a woman’s life:

• Supporting – when driving. The bra determines the shape and position of the breast. This is especially true for women with large breasts, as a properly selected bra allows them to actively move without feeling any discomfort. It is also very important in sports, with high motor activity of a woman.
• Aesthetic – a beautiful piece of laundry. For the vast majority of women it is very important how they look. And they always want to look beautiful. An important part of their toilet is, of course, underwear. A beautiful bra always, even under clothes, looks impressive.
• Sexy – erotic underwear. This function echoes the previous one. Each woman wants to be sexually attractive to men, cause them to have certain emotions, desires, and in this case, of course, she can be helped by a beautiful, imaginative male bra.
• Corrective – with too large, small chest, after operations on the chest.

• Hygienic – underwear for nursing women. Bra, like any underwear, also performs a hygienic function, protects the breast from external adverse effects. This issue is especially urgent for pregnant and lactating women, for whom hygiene is paramount.
• Prophylactic. Wearing a properly selected bra is one of the measures for the prevention of breast diseases. “Wrong” underwear can provoke diseases of the female breast.

The size of the bra is determined by two components: the girth under the breast (for example, 70, 75, 80 cm) and the cup size (for example, A, B, C). To determine the size of your breasts, put on a bra that fits you best in size. It should be a regular bra (not a minimizer, not a push-up). If necessary, tighten or loosen the straps. If possible, it is better to ask someone to help with the measurements than to do it yourself.

Measuring the girth under the chest:

Exhale the air from the lungs, attach a centimeter directly under the chest – so that it is fairly tightly attached to the body. Keep it strictly parallel to the floor. Write down or remember the result.

We measure the volume of the breast:

Be level. Measure the girth at the most prominent point of the chest. To do this, attach the centimeter strictly horizontally along the circumference, but so that it snaps freely and does not squeeze the chest. Write down or remember the result.

Determine the size of the bra:

First, determine the size of the cup of the bra. The difference between the first and second measurement determines the size of the cup. The size of the AA cup is a difference in the volume of 9-11 cm, A is 11-13 cm, B is 13-15 cm, C is 15-17 cm, D is 17-19 cm, DD is 19-21 cm, E is 21 -23 cm, F – 23-25 ​​cm, FF – 25-27 cm, G – 27-29 cm, GG – 29-31 cm, H – 31-33 cm, HH – 33-35 cm.

Now round the volume under the breast to the nearest multiple of 5 (for example, if the size under the chest is 73, then round to 75). The result will be the second component of your bra size. Examples: chest 83 cm, under the breast 72 cm – your size is 70A;breast 92 cm, under the chest 77 cm – your size is 75B.

Dear, lovely, beautiful women, we wish you happiness, health, success in all your endeavors. Be smiling, friendly, cheerful, we hope that our advice has been useful to you.

And do not forget to visit a mammalian doctor prophylactically and undergo ultrasound of the mammary glands at least once a year!

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