June 17, 2024

Stress at work and active fitness classes provoke the development of endometriosis

If women discuss critical days, the conversation usually contains words like “pain”, “malaise” or “God’s punishment. ”Despite all the tricks of the industry of hygiene and health, the idea of ​​an injustice of the world order visits our heads about once a month, especially for those women who experience pronounced discomfort and even pain.

Meanwhile, this may be the first, and sometimes the only symptom of all kinds of ailments. Including such a serious disease as endometriosis.

Where does it come from and how to deal with it, learned the correspondent of SE.

Unexpected guest

When doctors tell about endometriosis, it is recommended to decide on the terms and not to confuse the similar diseases – endometriosis and endometritis. “Endometrite and endometriosis of the uterus body are diseases of the uterus, manifested by the same symptoms, primarily painful,” says Rauza Loginova, a gynecologist at the highest category of the medical center “Catharsis”.

Endometritis is an acute inflammation of the uterine mucosa, more often caused by microbes. Endometriosis is a pathological process characterized by the development of tissue, like the endometrium, beyond the boundaries of its normal localization. ”

Endometriosis is a pathological process of benign growth in various organs of the tissue, which is similar in structure and function to the endometrium, the inner lining of the uterus that is torn off during menstruation. At the end of each menstrual cycle, if there is no fertilization, the tissues of the uterus, prepared for attachment of the fetus, are removed from the body. However, sometimes, together with the blood flow, the endometrium enters the fallopian tubes and begins to expand. This process is the beginning of the development of endometriosis. If you think about it, the process seems unlikely and more like a fantasy story.

And nevertheless, endometriosis, according to the chief doctor of the Municipal Center for Family Planning and Reproduction Olga Chernyakina, is sick today for every third woman of reproductive age, and the disease itself is rapidly growing younger.

Critical Behavior

If before, endometriosis was considered a woman’s disease for forty and was associated with the consequences of complicated birth, interruption of pregnancy or other interventions, today other reasons came to the fore. As explained by Olga Chernyakina, the most common theory for the onset of the disease today is the so-called theory of retrograde menstruation, and it means that the rejecting endometrium of the mucosa by the method of reverse casting is unnaturally located outside the uterus. The reason for such a low-physiological process is, oddly enough, the lifestyle of a modern woman.

“This disease is a woman of mental labor, making a career, in which the physiological functions suffer for the sake of an active life position.

She has broken rhythms of sleep and rest, there is a complex dysfunction. In addition, today women do not choose to limit themselves in some way during critical days. They use tampons, are actively engaged in fitness, even during menstruation. Meanwhile, critical days are critical not only because of the presence of secretions, but also because of the weakened state of the organism as a whole during this period, “says Olga Chernyakova, urging the ladies to moderate their impulses to be in shape on any of the days of the month and stay a little not modern, observing the grandmothers’ covenants.

The doctor’s pain is looking

It is useful to listen to yourself: the criterion in the diagnosis of endometriosis is the cyclicity of pain. “With endometritis, pain sensations are not associated with the menstrual cycle, and in case of endometriosis the cyclicity of the appearance of pain is one of the most important signs,” says Olga Dokuchaeva, obstetrician-gynecologist at the medical center of Junona. Also, insidious symptoms may be too profuse, monthly, increasing pain in their onset and spotting before and after.

“The most characteristic signs of endometriosis is pain syndrome (dysmenorrhea). In various forms, it affects 45-60% of patients with endometriosis. Especially it appears a few days before the start of menstruation (approximately for 1-3 days) and reaches a maximum on the 1-3 day of menstruation. Such a woman suffers greatly the quality of life, the pain syndrome depletes the nervous system, the image of a nervous sick woman is formed, “Rauza Loginova comments.

Pain is generally the most obvious indicator of malfunction. “If a woman has menstruation pain that requires taking pain medication – this is not a variant of the norm, but an excuse to see a doctor,” warns Olga Dokuchaeva, recalling that pain is almost always a symptom of gynecological disorders, in particular endometriosis.

Of the complications resulting in endometriosis, the most formidable is infertility. Often, the disease is found in women with unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant.

Therefore, doctors so strongly recommend not to guess whether your malaise is at a monthly rate, but to see a doctor so as not to face a disease when it’s too late. On examination, a doctor may suspect a malfunction and send a woman for additional research – the first usually is ultrasound. If the ultrasound diagnostician sees changes (for example, fixes the increased size of the uterus), the gynecologist sends the patient to additional studies.

If the diagnosis is made, the doctor prescribes treatment. As gynecologists tell us, today the main method of treatment for non-neglected cases of endometriosis is the use of combined oral contraceptives. “Oral contraceptives in addition to the main effect have a curative effect. When they are taken, the ovaries remain at rest and the disease does not progress. To date, this is the most correct way to prevent pregnancy and prevent endometriosis, “explains Olga Dokuchaeva.

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