May 30, 2024

Strawberries and cream nails are the latest beauty hack to go viral on TikTok

Nail art is loaded with possibilities for creativity and self-expression. Whether you want to make a statement with maximalist 3D nail art, or prefer to exude understated femininity with cutesy florals, an elegant manicure is a guaranteed mood boost.

If you’ve tried *all* the nail trends of summer 2021 (including gradient side-frenchies and peach skin nails) then we’ve got the perfect trend for you to try next.

As ever we have TikTok to thank for the latest beauty hack blowing up our feeds. Nail technician Zara (@zacrylics) recently went viral on the app for her strawberries and cream nail hack. She shared a snap of the finished result on her Instagram, and errrm, we’re obsessed.

Luckily, Zara shared all her top tips for achieving the perfectly-marbled strawberries and cream nail art in a TikTok, which now has a casual two million views.

In her video, she starts by painting a pale pink base coat on her nails. She then paints two strokes of red and white nail polish onto a clean surface, which she uses a thin nail art brush to sweep across the red and white polish, creating a marbled effect.

She then uses a slightly thicker nail art brush to sweep through the deliciously mixed red and white polish, before delicately drawing a diagonal line from right-to-left up her nail. Next, she adds depth to the strawberry and cream pattern by dotting on a few strokes of red reflective glitter gel and white polish.

Next up, Zara uses a clean nail art brush to blend the edges, before adding a clear top coat and a lick of cuticle oil to give the nails a healthy glow.

It’s fair to say people are a little bit obsessed with this hack, with one TikTok user commenting on the video, “You’re such an artist this is GOLD,” while another wrote, “Omg these are incredible girl. ”

And after one fan wrote, “Omg, a blue version of this and I would die,” Zara obligingly posted ANOTHER tutorial for the same look in blue.

Blueberries and cream, anyone?

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