May 29, 2024

Stolen Sun

There are at least three reasons why girls pay attention to self-tanning. First, whether there will be an opportunity to sunbathe – nobody knows.

Secondly, if the sun shines, then the sad statistics of the emergence of skin cancer in the first place among all other cancers causes us to think about the extent to which beauty requires sacrifice – in fact the most important cause of melanoma is excessive insolation, that is, exposure to the sun.

And, thirdly, if before talking about sunbeds as a safe alternative to the beach, it is now clear that the entire ultraviolet affects the skin. But meanwhile you want to become a swarthy man. And some do not want to wait. The fact that the self-tanning is safe and how to use it was recognized by the correspondent of SE.

Experts confirm the safety of autosunburn, but warn of its short-term effect

Only on top

Autosunburn acts in a way that does not affect the pigment of the skin, but only stains its uppermost layer. Coloring occurs due to dihydroxyacetone (DHA) – a substance belonging to a group of sugars, a derivative of glycerin. It reacts with amino acids and proteins of the upper layers of the skin, resulting in melanoidins, which differ in composition from melanin but color the skin in the color of the sun.

Earlier, by the way, DHA was used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. How harmless are these chemical reactions? “In general, we can say that there is no useful tanning in principle, because any tanning – in the solarium and under the sun – is the skin’s response to photochemical damage, that is, a negative effect on the skin,” recalls the dermatologist-cosmetologist at the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok Tatiana Zagoruiko. – As for autosunburn, then there is no such effect – there is a coloring, which is only superficial. If the cream is certified and tested in Rospotrebnadzor, then it will not have harmful effects. ”

To tanning as an alternative to the solarium and the sun calmly resorted to pregnant women, who also want to be fashionable and attractive.

“If a woman does not have toxicosis, a reaction to specific smells, then she can take advantage of auto tanning,

” Svetlana Gileva, the director of the salon “Professional”,is sure. “There is no contraindication to this procedure. ”

Fresh carrots

But in fact the factor of harm or benefit is paddling at the very end of the list of exciting moments, which women care about, striving for perfection. Carrot shade, uneven appearance, drying of the skin, palm staining and unpleasant odor – that’s what excites beauties who dream of becoming swarthy for a few lithe strokes of the hand.

In professional paints, which are used in salons, according to Svetlana Gileva, there are rulers with three shades – for light, medium and swarthy skin. Among them come yellowish shades – usually they can be seen right away on the paint. But even in these seemingly strange shades there is a logic: often the reaction of the skin to artificial sunburn – even in the solarium – is a gray reflection on the skin, and yellowness just does correct it. If you use a tanning salon at home, and especially colorless creams with a not immediately apparent effect, then try the color on a small area of ​​the skin – as with home hair coloring, tests are never superfluous.

Water and dryness

The main remedy for “leopard spots” is exfoliation before the procedure. In the salons sometimes offer a preliminary peeling, sometimes they are asked to come in ready-made, explored homes: “The main requirement for an even tan is smooth, smooth, dry skin,” explains Svetlana Gileva. Moisture is really the main enemy of artificial swarthiness: “To achieve the result, the first 6-8 hours should be avoided contact with water,” continues the director of the salon of the tanning salon “Professional”. – Girls who lead an active lifestyle: gym, swimming pool, saunas – the paint is washed off faster.

In general, self-tanning stains the uppermost layers of the skin, and as soon as they peel off or wash off – the color disappears. ”

Therefore, the guarantee of durability is given for a period of 4 to 10 days, it all depends on the characteristics of the skin, on how strong will be the mechanical effect – washcloths, scrubs, tight clothing in the heat.

Oily skin, for example, is more often renewed and more often cleansed, so the self-tanning from it goes off faster, but its dry trouble – the reaction with DHA gives a noticeable drying effect. Although now in tanning saloons began to add various essential oils and moisturizing complexes, there is no need to forget about the usual milk for the body – use it more often, the skin will not dry up.

To avoid spotting, you need to apply the product correctly. In the salons, two methods of staining are used: tanning, when the skin is painted by hand, and hardware spraying with a gun with a laser sight, which gives an absolutely uniform stain. The cost of procedures in the salons around the city is about 1000 rubles.

Homes with gloves

At home, there are also two ways, depending on the packaging. Either with your own hands, apply as smoothly as possible a remedy, not forgetting about the ears and back, and also that less elbows are needed on the knees and elbows of autosunburn – they usually turn out darker.

According to eyewitnesses, it is better to apply self-tanning in thin latex gloves – otherwise the palms will necessarily stain the best, which does not always turn out to be the desired result. Or use self-tanning in the form of a spray – this is usually the products of luxury brands (cost more than 1000 rubles, enough for several times). Immediately go to bed, too, is not recommended – better work out an easy workout, until the skin dries. Only not to sweat – leaks on the forehead and chest most often leave unpainted strips of skin.

By the way, as for the forehead and generally the skin of the face, Ekaterina Lebedko, beautician of the center “Sante Estetic”, calms users: “Autosunburn, first, it acts very superficially, it does not penetrate deep into the skin, and secondly, it is not used as creams – regularly twice a day, so if the brand is certified, even if it is massmedia, the remedy should not have a negative cosmetic effect. “

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