Steph’s Latest Skin-Helping, Weird Wellness Obsession

I like to tell myself it negates the effects of eating pizza and Sour Patch Kids.

If you’ve read any of my past Ed Picks (aw, hey, thanks!), you probably know I love a good, weird wellness potion. (See: this shiny blue skin miracle pillthis strange orange immunity goo.) So when I encountered Sakara’s Detox Water Concentrate at a recent press event for the fashion-crowd-beloved health food brand, I, predictably, couldn’t wait to work it into my routine.

That’s essentially what Sakara’s drops are designed to do: The super-bright-green liquid gets its hue from chlorophyll, which the brand claims binds to toxins in the body to help more effectively eliminate them during digestion. The formula also includes magnesium, which also aids in digestion, calms anxiety and can have sleep-assisting benefits, which has made the concoction an excellent addition to my pre-bedtime ritual. And finally, it contains the brand’s blend of 72 trace minerals to serve as electrolytes, help with absorption and maximize hydration. Adding the recommended five-to-six medicine droppers full of the Detox Concentrate to a glass of water makes me feel like I’m having a real self-care moment, and though I can’t really say for certain, the idea that it’s combatting my pizza, Sour Patch Kid and wine habits is certainly appealing.

Sakara Detox Water Concentrate, $39 for two two-ounce bottles, available here.

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