Steph Is Apparently Going to Start Wearing Scrunchies Now

I received a set of three black Slip Silk Large Scrunchies in a press mailing, and given that I’m already such a big fan of the brand’s sleep mask, I figured I might as well try the hair accessory, too.

Honestly, if I could swath myself head-to-toe in this insanely soft, smooth, no-snags-to-be-found, 100 percent silk, I totally would. But for now, my hair will be reaping the benefits of the luxurious fabric.

Hello, it is me, Steph, and I’m publicly signing my name to an endorsement of a scrunchie in the year 2018. Insert obligatory reference from that one “Sex and the City” episode here. Was it the onslaught of throwback accessories we saw all over the runways the past few seasons that got me? Or maybe a nostalgic, ’90s obsession lurking dormant within me, waiting to be triggered by the phrase, “You rule!” No, it was simply the fact that I found a really great scrunchie, with really great hair benefits.

I began wearing the scrunchie just overnight at first – its smooth surface won’t catch or pull on hair, and the wide surface area of the large version holds hair in place without creating that tell-tale dent. But then, I kind of got into it. In the morning, I wouldn’t want to take it out. I started wearing it during workouts or any other time I wanted to pull my hair back. And I began to recall why it was we loved scrunchies so much in the first place back in the day: They’re super practical! And also…. kind of cute?

So, yeah, I’m apparently going to start wearing scrunchies now, thanks to this one. Right now I’m still sticking to the black silk one, in keeping with much of the rest of my wardrobe, but perhaps a leather Balenciaga one is in my future?

Slip Silk Large Scrunchie, $39 for a set of three, available here.

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