July 23, 2024

Starbucks Just Launched High Caffeine Coffee Pods

Get ready for an energy boost, because Starbucks, the unofficial hot beverage maker of every girl in America, just launched high caffeine coffee pods that fit right into your Keurig brewer.

This is obviously great news for the home coffee-obsessed crowd and workplace brewers (because it turns out more caffeine could have health benefits), but it’s especially newsworthy for those who are known to wake up before dawn. We’re looking at you, fitness buffs.

The new Starbucks Plus K-Cup pods combine the Starbucks coffee you already know and love with additional caffeine, giving each brew a 130 milligram boost that doubles the traditional cup to 260 total milligrams of energy-enhancing happiness. These high caffeine coffee pods use additional caffeine naturally found in coffee beans, so you don’t have to worry about any funny stuff or strange supplements.

The idea of doubling your caffeine intake per sip is exciting for longtime coffee drinkers, new moms, and just about everyone in need of getting through a long night of anything other than sleeping. Better yet, making one succinct brew is a way to cut down on added sugar and cream if you’re the type to go light and sweet.

For right now the high caffeine coffee pods are available in Starbucks Blonde Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast, and are currently available on Amazon Prime. Theywill also hit grocery store and big retailer shelves near you very soon, as well as other exciting coffee lineup additions from the brand, like new packaged Cold Brew flavors including a to-die-for Vanilla Fig version, and a super trendy and Pantone COY-friendly cold White Chocolate Mocha latte bottle.

We’re obviously excited about the idea of getting Starbucks’ newest launches delivered right to our front doors, though, and firmly believe this is the future we were promised. Now where are our hover boards?

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