10 Basic Dresses You Need to Own

As someone whose closet is packed with patterned dresses in a variety of tiered, ruffled, and maxi styles, it’s no secret that I love a statement piece. That being said, I also see the value in solid (both aesthetically and in theory) basics. Not only are they reliable on days when I feel like being a little more low-key, but truthfully, they’re the most versatile options in my dress collection. Sometimes, my most basic styles can turn into my best outfits – especially with the help of accessories.

Case in point: the 10 Instagram looks we’ve rounded up ahead. Featuring some of our favorite fashionable people, these outfits all showcase how an otherwise-basic dress can be styled for a specific occasion, season, or level of impact. As an added bonus, we’ve included a similar piece from Banana Republic to help you re-create the look. You’ll definitely want to add these to your “saved” folder.

17 Cute Sweaters From Amazon That Are Always Bubbling Up on the Bestsellers List

We’re ready to stock up on Winter sweaters, but we don’t want to spend too much money while doing it. Thank goodness for Amazon – the online retailer has a massive selection of knits at reasonable prices. Whether you want something loose and comfortable or colorful and statement making, we’ve got choices that will totally impress you.

Take a look at our favorite options that are bestsellers and score a few before they sell out. With deals like this, we have no doubt they’ll be gone in the blink of an eye. What are you waiting for? It’s time to shop!

15 Workout Pieces You Can Score at Banana Republic, Because They Have Some Very Good Stuff

Reaching your personal body goals arguably has just as much to do with which exercises you’re doing as it does what you’re wearing while you’re doing them. Think about it: if you’re uncomfortable in your sports bra, chances are you’re distracted, and as a result you’re not doing the moves right. This Koral x Banana Republic collaboration was made to eliminate all the fuss so that you can focus on getting fit in a good ‘fit.

Even if getting in shape isn’t on your goals list (and that’s totally fine!) you may just want to grab some of these pieces that double as everyday athleisure essentials. Made with high-tech fabrics that stretch and stay where they need to, this Banana Republic gear just may be the motivation you need to get moving.

Kylie Jenner Says She’d Be a Makeup Artist If She Wasn’t Famous: “I Would Really Love It”

Kylie Jenner might just be a beauty artist in the making, and the way she transformed Links”>Kim Kardashian into her makeup doppelgänger is proof. In a video shared to her YouTube channel on Tuesday, Jenner revealed that she’d still love to be involved in the beauty community, even if she wasn’t the owner of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin. “I would be a makeup artist if I wasn’t Kylie Jenner,” she told Kardashian as she did her makeup. “For real, I would really love it.” After Kardashian offered to pay her and be her first client, Jenner warned, “I’m really expensive.”

Jenner used Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Celestial Skies Bronze Heaven Eye Shadow Palette ($25) and her own Kylie Cosmetics Duo Lip Kits to achieve Kardashian’s Instagram-worthy look. As the video continued, Kardashian took a shot at one of Jenner’s highly recommended beauty tricks: putting brown mascara on her bottom lashes. “My dad used to always walk by me when I put my mascara on and he’d be like, ‘Kimberly? Can you close your mouth when you put your mascara on?'” Kardashian said while applying the mascara. Watch the full video here to see how Kardashian looks in the new lip shades and to see what happens after Jenner accidentally tear off one of her eyelashes.

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