9 Wellness Gifts That Any Mom Will Love, Whether It’s Her First Mother’s Day or Her 20th

You can’t go wrong with flowers, but a gift that truly fits your mom’s personality will make her smile more than any bouquet could.

To help you find the perfect present for the health-and-wellness-obsessed moms in your life, we asked fitness coach and new mom Anna Renderer to share some of the gifts she has on her list this year. Whether the mom you’re shopping for loves hitting the gym or just wants to find more time for self-care, she’s sure to be delighted by any of these wellness gifts.

We’ve partnered with Fitbit to help you find the perfect gift for the fitness-obsessed moms in your life. Trust us: these options are much more exciting than flowers and a card.

When Mother’s Day rolls around, it’s tempting to fall back on the old standby gifts of a fresh bouquet or sweet card. But after years of the usual presents, the moms in your life might be ready for something new.

Saje in the Buff Dry Brush

Saje in the Buff Dry Brush

If mom loves a spa day, give her the tools she needs to recreate that pampered feeling at home – like a Saje in the Buff Dry Brush ($16).

“This is such an inexpensive way to keep your skin feeling amazing and healthy,” Anna said. “Most people use expensive lotions, but using a dry brush is an effective way to have the healthiest skin.”

Fitbit Versa Lite

Fitbit Versa Lite

Whether you’re an avid yogi or run miles every day, the Fitbit Versa Lite ($160) is the perfect way to keep track of your health and fitness. “Wearables are an incredible reminder to be active,” Anna said. “It’s motivating to see our progress and it holds us accountable to how much we are moving and using our bodies each day.”

Active Truth Pregnancy Tights

Active Truth Pregnancy Tights

Know a mom who never misses a workout – even when she’s expecting? Gift her a pair of Active Truth Pregnancy Pocket ⅞ Length Tights ($120) – Anna’s favorite maternity workout leggings. “For the mom-to-be, these are supercomfy exercise pants during pregnancy,” Anna said.

Active Truth Pregnancy Pocket ⅞ Length Tights

Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser

Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser

Anna said that a Young Living Rainstone Diffuser ($168) paired with a few essential oils also makes a great gift for stressed-out mamas. “Essential oils are so amazing for my skin, senses, and mood,” Anna explained. “I love diffusing them into my office while I work.”

Young Living Rainstone Diffuser

Lululemon Double Roller

Lululemon Double Roller

Your fitness routine doesn’t end when you complete a tough workout; you’ve got to stretch out those muscles with the Lululemon Double Roller ($58). “I use a foam roller at least once a week to open up my back, hips, and legs,” Anna explained. “It’s a must-use tool for any mama who works out regularly and doesn’t want chronic tightness.” Any active mom will be thankful for the opportunity to give some love to those sore muscles.

Manduka Eko Yoga Mat

Investing in a quality yoga mat – like Anna’s favorite, the Manduka Eko Yoga Mat ($69-$99) – makes all the difference. “I love these mats because they don’t slide on the floor, they have a good amount of cushion, and you won’t slide on the mat while doing exercises,” Anna said. The yogi in your life will definitely appreciate it.


Motherhood comes with a lot of aches and pains: there are knots in your shoulders from carrying a heavy diaper bag, throbbing in your knees from being on your feet all day, and pain in your back from too many piggyback rides. Give mom everything she needs to relax with the Hypervolt ($349), a massage tool that uses high-torque vibrations to relax sore muscles and improve mobility.

“This self massager is the perfect way to destress the tension in my shoulders, hips, and lower back,” Anna explained.


Even the mom that already has everything will appreciate a Cora subscription ($162 per year). “This is such an amazing brand that offers customized period essentials for women that are delivered to your home monthly (so you never forget to be prepared and feel cared for during that time of the month),” Anna explained. It’s also a nice way to give back.

“With every purchase, you also provide girls around the world a month of pads and health education,” she explained. “It’s not expensive, but it’s an amazing brand and cause.”


Though there is a free version of this app, ThinkUp: Gift Premium ($35) is well worth the extra fee. The premium version of the app doesn’t require any in-app purchases, allowing mom to focus on setting positive affirmations. “I love this, as it’s a reminder to think of your empowering mantras,” Anna said. “It helps to reduce stress, and who doesn’t like a pick-me-up every now and then?”

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