Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice Just Want to Know WTF Was in Their Handbags at Age 12

Roughly 18 years later, Beatrice and Eugenie are sitting at home cracking up about what could’ve possibly been stowed away in their purses. “Bea and I are laughing hysterically after contemplating what on earth was in our handbags that day going to church . . .” Eugenie wrote underneath the photo on her popular Instagram account.

When Princess Beatrice was 12 and her younger sister, Princess Eugenie, was 11, the two British royals stepped out for a church service with their family at St. George’s Chapel, to celebrate the Duke of Edinburgh’s 80th birthday.

Now, it was 2001, so I have some ideas based on my own personal experience:

  • 1. Lip Smacker
  • 2. A roll of Smarties
  • 3. The $4 left over from the week’s allowance
  • 4. Butterfly clips and/or bobby pins
  • 5. Cucumber-melon-scented hand lotion from Bath & Body Works
  • 6. A scrunchie for later, because they weren’t appropriate for church
  • 7. A fuzzy pen with very little ink in it
  • 8. A Tamagotchi you “totally don’t use anymore”

And I’m spent. But Eugenie went on to address the rest of her and her sister’s outfits. “We quite clearly are loving our full lime green and lilac suits!! The shoes, the headbands . . .” Not to mention the fact that Eugenie and Beatrice’s minibags are in again. Frankly, I’d just about die to add a lime beaded top handle bag and ivory leather square tote that look just like these to my current collection. So, while it was fun to play this game with Princess Eugenie on a #FlashbackFriday, I want to be honest here: these coordinated outfits likely thrilled the queen then, and they’re thrilling me right now. Yeah, I want to be wearing that.

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