April 12, 2024

Spain’s most popular skincare brand has landed in the UK

Now, we’re taking somebeautyinspo from our European friends over in Spain as one of the Med’s best-selling beauty brands lands in the UK.

We’ve reaped the best-kept Korean beauty secrets, extracted every Parisian pharmacy buy from France and even dipped our toe into the Nordic waters via Scandi beauty.

Sesderma, which is one of the most sought-after skincare brands in Spain, is now on sale in the UK after over 10,000 UK beauty aficionados lobbied for the launch of the revered Mistology range of facial mists.

Since launching on sesderma. co. uk last week, each £18. 26 facial mist has already sold out twice.

The range consists of three facial mists: the Sesderma REPASKIN Mender Mist, Sesderma C-VIT Mist, Sesderma Ferulac Mist and the Sesderma Reti Age Mist.

Dermatologist and brand founder, Dr Gabriel Serrano, believe the mists are proving so popular because they’re a crucial step that our skincare regime is desperately missing. He explained: “To keep our skin moisturised, we know that it’s best to apply body lotions to damp skin, in order to lock in the moisturising properties, and a facial mist works in the same way.

“By spraying a hydrating mist before you apply a moisturiser and serum, it provides a damp base to allow the product to soak into the skin more effectively. Mists offer a refreshing effect when sprayed on the skin and allow for a gentle application, which prevents aggravating irritated areas. ”

Whilst most people ditch a mist, it could well be worth investing in one because not only are they highly moisturising, they also support toning, priming, makeup setting, calming and pore-reducing qualities.

“The Sesderma Mistology range is encapsulated in liposomes using Nanotechnology, which allow for a multilayer moisturising action, compared to some other hydrating mists that simply sit on the surface of the skin,” claims Dr Gabriel Serrano.

Ready to buy into the hype?

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