April 20, 2024

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The irritating habits of a partner are a perpetual stumbling block and the cause of strife in any unions. Dirty socks under the sofa or night gatherings at the computer – the simplest things can make even a loving spouse.

Even worse, if the habit can not be eradicated with requests and threats. So, for example, snoring at night can be a serious test of the strength of the relationship. The fact that men’s snoring is dangerous and what to do to a woman to sleep and live peacefully, SHE correspondent learned from specialists.

Five ways to neutralize the loudest male fault

1. To put on a diet

Snoring as an acoustic phenomenon arises from the narrowing of the pharynx during sleep: the air stream, passing through the narrowed airways, causes the soft structures of the pharynx to “beat” against each other, which causes a sound accompaniment. More often it occurs in fat people. “In a fat person, fat is deposited in the walls of the larynx, they become flaccid and flabby,” explains Sergei Yarosh, a neurophysiologist, a somnologist at the Research Institute of Physiology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

He recommends recalling the inspiration mechanism: a negative pressure is created inside, the air is sucked in; larynx – soft, muscular, so you can compare it with a straw: if you inhale sharply, it contracts. If the muscle tone of the larynx walls is broken, a short-term stop of breathing in a dream is possible due to overlapping of the larynx (nighttime apnea syndrome), and this is life-threatening.

It is also unpleasant that the connection of apnea with excess weight goes according to the type of spiral. Large weight increases the likelihood of stopping breathing, in turn, the stops themselves provoke a disruption in the production of hormones, in particular, growth hormone, one of the functions of which is the removal of fats from the fat depot.

As a result, a full person suffers from bad sleep and can not lose weight, no matter how hard he tries, simply because fat can not leave his shelter.

So if the excess weight is accompanied by snoring and does not want to leave, the consultation will be useful not only for the endocrinologist, but also for the somnologist who will conduct a special study.

2. Turn over to the side

It happens that snoring is only heard when a person sleeps in a certain position, specifically – on the back. “Snoring is position-dependent: under the influence of gravity, the root of the tongue shifts and blocks the respiratory tract,” says Sergei Yarosh.

In this case, simple methods help: turn the person to the side. In America in the beginning of the last century, lovers of patenting everything in a row came up with a way to attach a pocket to the back pocket of their pajamas. Similar techniques can be used now to disaccustom yourself to sleep on your back. At the same time, remember that constant withdrawal of the husband in a dream will not add comfort to him or you, so using the ball is not as naive as it seems.

3. Cure the nose

If the snoring is not fat person and sleeps not on the back, it is necessary to turn to Laura. The fact is that anyone can snore, if it becomes hard for him to breathe through his nose. “At the heart of snoring is a violation of air ventilation in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, that is, the air has to go not directly, but overcome any obstacles,” says the otolaryngologist ZSMU “Zdravitsa” Tatiana Tyurina.

The reasons for this may be different. For example, the curvature of the nasal septum or inflammatory chronic diseases of the nasopharynx. Therefore, if you know what adenoids, polyps or sinusitis are, and snore at the same time, complain about this lora.

In the arsenal of lurs today there are different methods of getting rid of snoring, even if you do not have chronic diseases. With the help of a special operation soft tissues of the pharynx are burned, and due to the formed scar they are tightened, and the snoring disappears. True, this operation can be done only after a special study of sleep – polysomnography, which will exclude the syndrome of true apnea.

4. To destroy cigarettes and alcohol

Another classic image of a snore is a man after a drunk bottle. “Cigarettes and alcohol really provoke snoring. Cigarettes sooner or later lead to problems of air exchange of the lungs, cause diseases of the respiratory system, “said Andrei Litvinov, an otorhinolaryngologist surgeon at the Duna Clinic. Alcohol reduces muscle tonus in general, and upper respiratory tract in particular: they become soft, and even one who has never snored before begins to snore. Most likely, it will be just a man.

“Male hormone testosterone is a respiratory depressant, and female hormones respiration, on the contrary, stimulate. That is why men with age snore less, and women – more.

This is due to changes in the hormonal system, “says Sergei Yarosh. By the way, information for women: if you suffer from insomnia and take sleeping pills, be prepared for your own snoring – some sedatives (on them there is a note about belonging to the benzodiazepine group) reduce muscle tone and simultaneously suppress the respiratory center. The result is a snoring. This is another stone in the garden of sleeping pills. It is much better to adjust the sleep regime and get rid of bad habits.

5. Do special exercises

If there are no obvious reasons, and snoring persistently pursues, you can try to cope with it with the help of exercises. As Tatiana Tyurina noted, breathing exercises benefit, especially if there are ENT problems. You can use special instruments for respiratory gymnastics and practice exercises from yoga or bodyflex, which are built on the principle of proper breathing.

Finally, if the problem is in the insufficient tone of the muscles of the upper respiratory tract, it is logical that you can try to train them with the help of exercises. Exercises are quite simple: for example, tightly squeeze a wooden or soft plastic wand with your teeth before going to bed. Or open your mouth and pull your tongue forward (the so-called lion pose in yoga).

It is also useful to press the hand on the chin and with effort to move the lower jaw forward and back. Exercises, despite the simplicity, you need to perform twice a day and at least 30 times, and therefore willpower and will be required. The first effect of the lessons will come about a month later. However, doctors are skeptical: they admit that usually human laziness wins long before the effect appears.

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