Beef Frankfurters

Sausage is sausageNoe product, which is made of scrolled cooked meat or poultry (and its substitutes).

These small and thin sausagesof key was invented in Vienna in 1805. And in Russia, their mass production has been established only in 1936. In our days this product has already gained wide fame and popularity.

Apparently they are a bar tender and juicy texture. The stuffing evenly mixed and has pink or light pink color. They are characterized by a pleasant, moderately salty taste with a hint of garlicand the aroma of spices.

“Beef” and sausage, are produced in different shells. More natural and tastier product in a natural casing. But note that the term storage is very small – only 3 days in printed form.

Calorie beef sausage is 226 calories per 100 grams of product.

The composition of beef sausage

The existing standard contains the following data on the composition of beef sausage: beef first grade (77%), beef fat or raw beef fat (20%), water, cow milk, dry whole or non-fat (3%), salt, sugar, spices (black pepper, red pepper), garlic. This is the only sausage to the highest category “A” (GOST).

Sausages, boiled beef order 226 kcal, with a lot of fat – 20,1 gram, protein 10.4 grams, but carbs are negligible – 0.8 grams.

Beef frankfurters in cooking

Usually sausages are boiled, fried, added to various soups, soups, salads. But quite remarkably they are combined with pear.

To prepare this original and quick dishes, you must:

1 pear cut into thin slices.
The sausages make a longitudinal incisions and put them in slices of pear.
Wrap stuffed sausages in bacon (you will need about 150 grams for 5 sausages).
Bake for 10 minutes at a temperature of 160 degrees. Serve with potatopuree NYM.

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