Sophrology is the hot new meditation trend that will beat anxiety

With many of us feeling frazzled by the pace of modern life, it can be a struggle to motivate ourselves to move our bodies when all we really wanna do is kick back with Netflix and a takeaway.

But as our thoughts turn to getting in shape for the New Year, there’s a new trend on the block that could provide the key to zen.

Allow us to introduce you to Sophrology, a form of moving meditation or “Dynamic Relaxation”. If the current obsession for mindfulness passed you by, you might consider making 2019 the year you find your inner calm.

It’s not as new as we might initially assume, though. The wellness practice was actually developed in the 1960s by neuropsychiatrist Professor Alfonso Caycedo, and uses a combination of relaxation, breathing, meditation, gentle body movement and visualisation techniques to enable people to reach a state of calm and consciousness.

How to meditate (even when you really can’t be bothered)

With just 10 minutes of practice a day, your mind and body will naturally begin to trigger “dynamic relaxation”, bringing you back to a calmer state of mind.

That’s not all. A deeply healing state for the body and mind, the alpha wave state achieved through Sophrology can alleviate stress, anxiety and burn-out, sharpen focus, build resilience, improve sleep and boost positivity. Sounds just what the doctor ordered.

Sophrology was initially used only in the medical world, but from the 70s quickly spread across society and became widely used – notably in schools and universities to help students manage exam stress; in maternity to positively deal with pregnancy and prepare for birth; amongst sports people to prepare for big events; in hospital as support for dealing with pain, cancer or insomnia; and in the corporate world for stress-management and prevention of burn out.

Though Sophrology has been popular in France and Switzerland for decades, the trend has been slow to hit the UK. But awareness is starting to grow, though, thanks to author Dominique Antiglio’s best-selling book, iThe Life-Changing Power of Sophrology/I.

So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed (Christmas shopping, anyone?) remember that inner calm is only a few deep breaths away.

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