Some days, it’s gonna be the dumbest things that trip you up, Photos

We’ve all been there; you’re minding your own business and doing something completely within reason, and you get shit for it. Most times, there’s no cause for it.

Just ask these guys. They got in trouble for the most stupid of reasons.

In drivers education I was yelled at by the instructor for going 61 in a 60, then told to speed up for only going 58, then told I was looking at the speedometer too much. All within a 2 minute span.

Someone else copying my work without me knowing.

I’ve told this story before, but I went to High School in the late 90s. We got the Internet in one computer lab, and that alone was so cool. However, this was still the early days of the Internet where you could type something so innocent and porn would pop up, whether you intended it or not.

Well, that happened to me. Our history teacher reserved the lab one period to research something, IDK what. In any case, regular history search, porn comes up on my computer. I was sent to the office. I’d never been in trouble before in school, so they didn’t know what to do with me. They settled on suspending me for the rest of the day. But they did not believe me it was an accident.

Then it started happening to other students and teachers, too. Finally then they put filters on the computers and they realized I was telling the truth, but I was never apologized to. – u/llcucf80

In fourth grade I got in trouble for “giving my teacher a dirty look.” I had been trying to figure out a math problem (easily my weakest subject) and happened to look up when I was thinking. Got sent to the principals office when I told her it was just my face.

Online Collision

In second grade, I was playing on the jungle gym and I slipped and crushed my balls on the high bar. I was curled up on the floor and a girl came up asking what happened.

I told her, “I hit my nuts!”

She went and grabbed a yard duty and they wrote me up for using the word ‘nuts’ in reference to my balls.

I was suspended for 2 days.

I got yelled at for rolling my eyes at my teacher while she was making fun me for getting a question wrong. I was looking up at the ceiling because someone had told me if you look up, it stops you from crying. – u/GoonerKitten

Dimension Films

In sixth grade, during recess I got permission to go inside and use the bathroom. I pretended to be a spy on a secret mission and avoid being seen. A teacher saw me and chewed me out for ‘acting suspicious’.

A girl in my class tried to stab me with scissors (full strength, not playing), but i was able to grab her arm and take them from her. I told her if she tried that again id cut off her pony tail. For saying that the teacher gave me detention for a week. Even after my classmates and I informed the teacher of the actual situation, no punishment was given to the girl (for what is an actual crime). – u/DogBull_Rising

I recently got in trouble for asking my coworker to not take an extra 15 minute break every single hour to watch tv. We do discharge cleanings in a hospital – she likes to finish the discharge, close the room’s door and watch tv/drink coffee.

I reported her and we both got written up.

I worked at a zoo for a number of years. It was my job to make sure all the animals in my care had been cleaned, fed, watered and locked before I left for the day. Pretty standard.

My boss was in upper management. She had a lot of meetings and such she went to every day. There were days when I didn’t see her at all. No big deal.

On one of these days I had just gotten finished buttoning up and was getting ready to leave for the day when she got out of a meeting and asked to feed one of the animals. Uh… if that was something you wanted to do you needed to communicate it to me more than 5 minutes before the end of my work day. So my team and I got screamed at for not saving something for her to do because she’d had a really crappy day in meetings and all she wanted to do was feed this one animal.

I quit a few months later.

Stokoe Farm

Third grade. They’d just installed this giant spiral tube slide in the school playground. Everyone wanted to try it, so there was a line. After my turn, I yelled into the slide, “You’re the next contestant on the Price is Right.”

I had to stand and face a fence pole for the rest of recess. – u/axel_mcthrashin

My wife worked herself into a frenzy because she had it in her head that I wouldn’t let her see her family during the holidays. She was furious. I’d never said any such thing or hinted at anything like that. I’d even agreed to arranging plans with them because her sister was coming from out of town. I was literally just sitting there while she had this whole conversation with herself and slowly getting more upset with me. Then she got more upset when I started laughing because it was so ridiculous.

I finally talked her down off the ledge because she was going way too far. She’s good now, just had a weird moment there. – u/montagr

My husband got a new tattoo a few years ago, his second. My mom asked how his mom felt about that and I said, “Well he’s an adult so it doesn’t matter, she hasn’t commented.” Somehow this devolved into her saying he’s likely more respectful than I am, he probably got his tattoo somewhere he could hide it, while I’d plaster one on my forehead to be contrary. She was absolutely furious with me.

I don’t have any tattoos.

I got kicked out of a bar when I tipped with a handful of change. But it was just change that had probably spilled out of a patrons pockets since it was piled up under a stool. I just thought the tip jar was a better place for it than the floor. I had already tipped for my drink. – u/SureExperience

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Driving at a safe speed. $160.That’s literally what the ticket says.

thank you new jersey state police : )

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