Snapchat’s New Filters Turn the Sky Into Stunning Masterpieces

Say goodbye to those cliched Snaps of sunsets and cloudless skies: with Snapchat’s new sky filters, you can add a rainbow, make it a starry night, or create a beautiful sunset on any photo you take. The new feature is yet another example of the company being innovative in using augmented reality to enhance your everyday world.

To use the new filters, just take a photo that includes the sky. Snapchat will automatically detect the photo has the sky in the background and will let you swipe through to find a sky filter. You can expect to first see filters like a starry night or stormy clouds, but just like the 3D Bitmoji, these will change daily. The feature started rolling out to iOS and Android users on Sept. 25.

Unlike 3D World Lenses, you don’t need to tap the screen to activate the filters – they just show up, like how the altitude, speed, time, and geofilters already do. Ahead, see some of the filters we’ve been able to play around with, then give them a try on your phone.

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