June 13, 2024

Smooth wrinkles can be done in a few minutes with special injections

Is not this why the woman was taken to the weaker sex, that all her strength goes to a constant struggle for her own irresistibility. Enemies are many, most, perhaps, hateful enemy of female beauty – wrinkles.

But in fairness it must be said that modern medicine gave a woman and ally – plastic surgery (as a heavy artillery). And as a compromise option – non-surgical ways to correct wrinkles.

For today, there are three ways: peeling, injecting Botox or dysport and using the fillers (from English fill – fill). To resort to peeling in the summer is not recommended, but the other two methods can be used regardless of the season.

Not everything is harmful, that poison

The use of the American drug with the registered name “Botox” in cosmetology and the French less known but having such an action “Disport” began a long time ago and very quickly gained popularity. Introduced under the skin in microscopic doses, the substance relaxes and blocks the overactive mimic muscles that cause wrinkles. Despite the fact that to achieve the effect of smoothing, botulinum toxin is used, there are practically no systemic toxic reactions. Of all the known side effects, headache, flu-like condition and mild nausea are extremely rare.

Fears that such injections entail loss of facial expression are not justified. This happens very rarely and only if the dose is much higher than the recommended dose. With proper procedure, the patient is deprived of a single mimic action – an unconscious shift of the eyebrows, which, as a rule, reflects negative emotions. It is known that negative emotions do not adorn anyone.

The procedure is completely painless, comparable to a mosquito bite, lasts no more than 10 minutes, does not require rehabilitation and allows you to immediately return to normal life.

The effect occurs within a few days, can intensify within a week and completely passes in about six months. It is worth noting that the injected drug – biodegradable substance – gradually and irretrievably disappears from the muscle into which it was injected, and what is important is that its spread along the body is excluded. The procedure is reversible. If the result of the administration of the drug for some reason did not suit the patient, it is important to know that in a few months his skin will return to his previous state.

Push out wrinkles

The second way to eliminate wrinkles is by injecting hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a necessary component of the skin, which is responsible for its hydration. In childhood, the skin is just filled with it – look at the child’s smooth face. But, unfortunately, over the years its volume decreases, and the skin begins to lose elasticity, wrinkles appear and other age-related changes.

Acid is injected under the skin with the help of usual injections or by mesotherapy. As a result, the groove that forms a wrinkle on the face, as it were pushed upward, wrinkles are smoothed out, and the skin is again young and attractive.

Injections are relatively painless, at the request of the patient, local anesthesia can be made. Rehabilitation after injections is not required, the effect appears immediately and lasts for 9 to 12 months, after which the skin gradually returns to its original state. Modern preparations of hyaluronic acid practically completely exclude an allergic reaction.

Within two weeks after the procedure, it is not recommended to expose the skin to cold temperatures (contra-indications are ice wipes), bright sun rays and very high temperatures (for example, in a sauna).

“Beauty injections” are allowed to do, starting at age 18. They do not have harmful effects on the body, but they can provide quick cosmetic help to a woman who, as you know, wants to be beautiful always.

Specialists of the clinic “Other rules” are always ready to help you with this, so why should you deny yourself the joy of life?

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