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Agree, soaked to impotence in a stuffy gym or pulling iron in the simulator, sometimes you think that life is not sweet either. And the result of training is no longer pleasing at all – even if the scales and show the cherished numbers.

As a result, many of us lose interest in sports and despondently wander into the hall only because it is so necessary. About five trainings that not only solve the problems of the body, but also give the joy of life, learned the correspondent of SE.

The most effective training that will help you get fit and cheer up

1. Indian Wisdom

More and more people got rid of the prejudices of the Soviet period, when yoga was called a sect, and they are happy to attend yoga classes, which in the city are getting bigger every year. Yoga is generally known to help you become more flexible.

This is indeed so. As a result of constant stretch marks and postures, which we did not even suspect, our usual body sometimes surprises us. Of course, it is not possible to fulfill the pose of a scorpion or a lotus (let’s say more – for some it’s impossible in principle), but progress in the body after a year of regular training will notice even the most “stone” backs and legs.

As the head of yoga-studio “Namaste” Marina Cheshunas has told, pains in a neck and a loin at the majority of engaged leave already in some employment. This attracts those who work a lot while sitting. She also dispelled the myth that it is impossible to lose weight on yoga (after all, there they do not jump or wave their legs).

“Yoga has a powerful equalizing effect on all body systems, posture is built up, stagnation occurs and fat reserves are redistributed,– explains Marina. Finding a balance inside (or at least beginning the path to it), women often stop “eating” their experiences, and this affects the body weight directly. In addition, yoga helps to develop one important quality that many have lost: the ability to focus on the current moment and the ability to control thoughts that run too often like hares in the meadow.

2. Water element

Aerobics in the water – a very good alternative to occupations in the hall. According to the instructor of aqua aerobics of the Remix club Lyudmila Strelchenko, there are a number of undoubted advantages when replacing dry procedures with “wet” ones. Firstly, there is no load on the musculoskeletal system in the water, which makes it possible to engage even those who can not jump in the hall. Secondly, it is a very intense aerobic load, in which a lot of calories are wasted. Thirdly, the work of all muscles, both large and small, takes place. After all, even to stay in one place, so that you are not carried away to the other end of the pool, is not as easy as it may seem.

Coordination of movements and a powerful load will allow you to work on a figure, receiving enormous pleasure. As the instructor said, many women after accustoming to water aerobics in any way do not want to return to the “land”. In addition to the fitness effect, water has a powerful massage effect, and this allows you to significantly tighten the skin and fight cellulite.

In addition, classes in the water noticeably relieve stress: due to the same massage effect, training in the water relaxes very well and afterwards you strongly want to sleep. 

3. Greetings from Ireland

Another popular trend today is Irish dancing. A spectacle, when the girls soar up, tapping rhythms with heels, otherwise how fascinating can not be called. Wishing to join, many are beginning to be interested in this kind of dance. “After I began to engage in Irish dance, I stopped going to the fitness hall,” – shared Olga Fialko, head of the studio of the historical dance “Medivhal.”

Jumping – and this is the basis of all training sessions – is forced to work the lower legs, hips, tighten the buttocks. In addition, it burns a bunch of calories, and the sensation of flight that occurs when, finally, it turns out to jump correctly (not like an elephant, but as a fairy), causes an incomparable pleasure.

Another point: in the Irish dances, the hands almost do not work, but to keep the hull exactly – a holy rule, and therefore the smooth posture for those who engage in Irish dancing, is usually carried over into life.

4. The girl is a fighter

If at work you are a diplomat girl, and passion rages in your soul, not far before the internal conflict. Energy needs somewhere to put, because otherwise the aggression will get home. For this, training with martial arts elements, such as kibo or taibo, is the best way. “This is a high intensity exercise, which consumes a huge amount of calories,” says Irina Khalkova, a teacher at the Kibo class at the fitness club Remix. In the classes, coordination, strength and endurance develop. If you punch a pear or an imaginary opponent with your hands, the shoulders and back are hammered by the office. And if you train your kicks with your feet – the loin part is put in order.

However, Irina warns: you need a little patience, because only the correctness of the performance of the movements gives the result. In addition, such training is shown primarily to people with good physical training and coordination skills. “Classes are suitable for people with choleric temperament, who need to realize the accumulated energy. Fighting and masculine techniques are used here, not all women love this energy, there are those who feel uncomfortable, “Irina adds. But no one will forbid to come and try it – after all it is quite possible after the beating of a pear to leave the hall in a state of complete bliss.

5. Lady with a pole

If you watched at least one movie with a beautiful striptease scene – someday you want to repeat it. Many men at all do not mind admiring literate stripping in the performance of their lover. Then you have a way to strip plastic. These exercises do not give phenomenal results in burning calories, but give an invaluable skill – to move like a cat and own your body.

As Lyudmila Timonina, a strip-plastic teacher at the Extreme Fitness Center told, girls usually do not come to a striptease in order to lose weight, but a month later they happily notice the “side effect” – the body acquires a pleasant relief. The secret is in the pole, it serves as a universal simulator and allows to strengthen the muscles of the whole body in a pleasant process of smooth movements. At the same time, the girls are not solved for classes immediately: according to the coach,

As compensation – girls get an unprecedented confidence in themselves. “They can be seen right away – after all, possession of the body very much liberates the person,” says Olga Muravieva, dance teacher at Extreme. She also warned: beginners need to beware of performing strong deflections – it looks impressive, but only experienced dancers can. However, they can become: after all, plastic classes are visited even by girls from strip clubs – to raise the level.

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