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Dirt and the first puddles underfoot gave hope that the summer will be in Siberia, and that means that someday one will have to remove layers of clothing and show the world their body.

How it will be depends on us. The thirst for change with the first spring rays of the sun often transforms into a thirst for a beautiful figure. It is in the spring that many of us register in the gym and sit down on diets. How useful is it that you need to eat and what training to go to lose weight, the correspondent of SHE explained.

Dieticians and trainers have developed slimming rules for the summer season specifically for SHE

1. Do not reduce servings

The first desire, when you want to lose weight, is to find the enemy and fight him. The enemy becomes calories, as is known, calorie reduction is the most popular dietary method. Truncating the usual portion, we achieve a calorie deficit and wait, when the body starts to waste supplies. As a result we get a brutal famine, dull skin and evil eyes.

“If your problem is an extra 1.5 cm at the waist, and the rhythm of life is high enough, the transfer of the organism to a hungry ration will bring many troubles, among which loss of muscle mass, decreased efficiency and premature aging,” warns endocrinologist JCM “Medaliance” Yaroslav Noskov .

Its calorie rate can be calculated by the formula of the American Dietetic Association. It looks like this: (10 x Weight, kg) + (6.25 x Height, cm) – (5 x Age, g.) – 161 = The number of calories you need personally.

2. Cut the diet at the expense of unnecessary food

Cut the diet, however, it will be required. But you can do this only with regard to harmful products. These are all products containing refined sugar and hidden fats: sweets, chocolates, cookies, cakes, soda, buns … All of them are high in calories, but practically free of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

“In addition, they themselves increase the body’s need for vitamins and microelements, ensuring their assimilation and use as a source of energy. And with the deficiency of such substances in the body, these high-calorie foods easily turn into fats, “reminds the nutritionist of the” Delf “center Elena Garagulya.

3. Look for vitamins

The problem of avitaminosis in the spring is acute, and it must be addressed. “Victim avitaminosis with spring apples and oranges just will not succeed, in winter, fruits and vegetables during transportation and storage lose up to 90% of useful substances”, – says Svetlana Alekhina, the therapeutist at the Medaliance Center. To replenish with vitamins, it is necessary to lean on frozen vegetables and fruits – only 30% of nutrients are lost during freezing.

Living in Siberia perfectly serve berries (frozen or dried) in any form. With honey or fermented milk products, like dessert, in the form of drinks and fruit drinks. Every morning you can start with 150 g of any kind of berries, for example, whipping them in a blender with juice – you get an excellent vitamin smoothie.

4. Get enough sleep,

Sometimes you always want to sleep in the spring. Do not blame yourself for laziness and make running around in the mornings, since lack of sleep can itself be the cause of excess weight: a lack of sleep can be caused by hormonal disorders that often lead to obesity, the endocrinologists say. They are joined and coaches. Ekaterina Surova, the director of the Grand-Arena fitness center, generally believes that the

success in finding a form depends on observance of three factors: 1) sleep and rest regime, 2) diet regime and 3) training regime.

If you do not sleep, bad rest, no training will not help you. This is clearly seen in visual sports: for example, if the bodybuilder before the competition does not sleep for 10 hours, his muscles will fall literally. In ordinary mortals this, of course, is not so noticeable, but the essence does not change: the sleep regime is more than important.

5. Do sports twice a week

In spring it is easy to lose weight: the fuse grows with the length of the day. But it’s not only not necessary to force yourself, it’s even harmful. “If a person has never been involved, he can attend the hall not more than twice a week, I am seriously committed to this. If he begins to torment himself, he will plant the immune system, “- warns Ekaterina Surova and asks the question: is it important for you to lose weight at any cost or stay healthy? But also those who practice regularly, register in the hall, too, is not worth it: you can do a maximum in a day or with a change in the load – if yesterday was cardio, then today either stretching or shock strength training. And before strength training you need to eat, and, apparently, the majority will have to learn how to do it at work.

Choosing a training, often women stop on one option – which is more like it, but this is not entirely true. To bring the body in order (it does not matter, burn fat or eliminate the flabbiness of the forms), you need both types of load, but in different proportions.

Up to 30 years 80% should be occupied by the power section (simulators, fitness classes TOP, ABL, Hot Iron) and only 20% – cardio (dances, steps, running track).

In thirty years the proportion is equalized, and after thirty years it becomes inverse: power and cardio are related as 20 to 80. Mixed training formats do not replace separate ones, they are suitable for advanced users, and beginners are not shown at all: they should focus on pure formats, note the instructors. The power part is necessary to increase endurance, and cardio training is needed to make the muscles and joints ready for this power load.

6. Reinforce

If the process has started, you want to lose weight at once and much more. “Women should not lose more than 2 kg per month – the accumulation system does not work here, and if you lose 4 kg, in the next you will not lose weight by 2 kg will still come back. The hormonal background will not give: what for to an organism to burn fat? You are a woman, and it is important for him that you can conceive every month – you can not deceive him, you can only agree with him, “Catherine Surova calls. However, there is good news: other things being equal, losing weight and maintaining weight in the spring and summer is still much easier for us than for the cold.

7. Do not overdo it.

Finally, everyone is interested in waiting for the first results. In three months – not earlier. But it’s never too late to start, and the mood and the charge of vivacity that invariably accompany a healthy lifestyle will appear almost immediately. Incidentally, to engage in even once a week, but constantly, much more useful than shock rates twice a year – before the bathing season and the New Year. Listen to your body – it will tell you where to go.

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