Slang from around the world & babes to boot

When learning, I find it is helpful to have a stimulating visual. Because, you know, it helps me remember what I’m learning… or something. Here are a few phrases from around the world that you can bust out the next time you want to show your pals how smart you are.

Flat out like a lizard drinking.

Country of origin: AUSTRALIA

Meaning: To be extremely busy.

Country of origin: FRANCE

Meaning: To speak poorly, or to mumble.

Arrête de te la péter. (Stop snapping your suspender against your chest. )

Country of origin: FRANCE

Meaning: Stop bragging.

Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof. (Life isn’t a place for riding ponies)

Country of origin: GERMANY

Meaning: Life is tough, it is what it is.

Fredagsmys (It’s a combination of the words “Friday” and “Cozy”)

Country of origin: SWEDEN

Meaning: It’s a slang term for “being lazy in a good way” and enjoying some bad TV and junk food.

En rosin i polsen (A raisin in a sausage)

Country of origin: NORWAY

Meaning: A pleasant surprise in something that was already good.

Molson Muscle

Country of origin: CANADA

Meaning: This is essentially a Canadian version of the “Beer Belly” said in some parts of Canada.

shèng nǚ (leftover girls)

Country of origin: CHINA

Meaning: Women who are educated but can’t seem to find a suitable partner for themselves.

luǒ hūn (Naked wedding)

Country of origin: CHINA

Meaning: To get married without a ceremony.

Country of origin: SPAIN

Meaning: I’m trying to think.


Country of origin: COSTA RICA

Meaning: To have a lot of something. It is similar to how we say “A shit ton.”

Jalarse una torta (To pull a cake)

Country of origin: COSTA RICA

Meaning: To screw something up big time.

Mi Llave/Llavería/Llavero (My key/key chain)

Country of origin: COLOMBIA

Meaning: My closest/dearest friends.

Mamar Gallo (To suck a rooster)

Country of origin: COLOMBIA

Meaning: To waste time or procrastinate.

Tengo un ratón en la cabeza (I have a rat in my head)

Country of origin: VENEZUELA

Meaning: I have a massive hangover.

Knowledge is power!!!

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