Body scrubs of your dreams

Exfoliant for the body “Coconut”, Yver Rocher

Эксфолиант для тела «Кокосовый Орех», Yver Rocher

If you love oily body scrubs as much as I love them, then you will love the unique of the Yves Rocher “Coconut”. He has a very thick, oily texture, melting at skin temperature, and a large number of abrasive particles. He was for a few minutes, turn skin and leaves behind a light oil film – no need to use body cream.

Pasta scrub Amande Pate Delice by L’occitane

Паста-скраб для тела Amande Pate Delice, L'Occitane 

Start with your favorite pasta-body scrub L’occitane Amande Pate Delice, before which it is impossible to resist! Scrubbing the effects of sugar and crushed walnut shell makes your skin just perfect – soft, smooth, want to touch and be touched, strange as it may sound. And all this with the famous almond flavor that is “hoisted” to thousands of fans of L’occitane all over the world.

Salt scrub body Spa Home Body Exotics Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow, Elemis

Солевой скраб для тела Spa Home Frangipani Monoi Body Exotics Salt Glow, Elemis 

But if I had to choose the summer and uplifting to the heavens scrub, they would become salt Elemis Spa Home Body Exotics Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow – it has a fantastic tropical fragrance of frangipani, which immediately transfers the body in Thailand, where these flowers grow in the streets. Plus impeccable quality characteristics of exfoliation.

Divine Divine scrub Scrub, Caudalie

Continues the compilation Divine scrub-Caudalie Divine Scrub – as it was called brand itself and not cheated! It starts with a rich and bold floral-Oriental fragrance from which dizzy (of course, with pleasure), continues melting from the heat of your fingers in the texture turns into milk, and ends rejuvenated after!

Salt body scrub pine, Detox Natura Siberica

One of the first I got a cedar salt body peeling Natura Siberica Detox in a nondescript Bank hides one of the best scrubs. It takes its unusual pine aroma (this is a rare occurrence) and active flaking of the skin after use will be grateful.

Body scrub Aromachologie Revitalizing Body Scrub, L’occitane

Another scrub that can replace a body lotion is a toning body scrub – L’occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Body Scrub. He has a very dense texture reminiscent of butter, so for one use need a little money. With this economical quality exfoliation is still high and skin condition after only worthy of compliments!

Body scrub “Milk and Honey” Spa A La Carte L’etoile Selection

If you are looking for a sugar friend with a very homely and warming fragrance, a nourishing body scrub “Milk and Honey” based on almond milk L’etoile Selection Spa A La Carte – what you need! It smells like tea with milk, honey and lemon, so immediately calms down and adjusts to the relaxation as if you wrapped a blanket, climbed on the couch to read a book in front of the fireplace.

Body scrub Orange plus White Pepper Sugar Scrub Bliss Blood

And completes the collection scrub Bliss Blood Orange plus White Pepper Sugar Scrub with the invigorating aroma of red orange, which is different from most sugar scrubs that do not leave the skin greasy film. For example, I am one of those who likes this way and that, but know those who do not accept the oily feeling after a shower and want further care to trust other favorite tools. It is for them and created this scrub.

Body scrub Royal Imperial Caviar Body Scrub, Fresh Spa by Natura Siberica

Body scrubs, especially fragrant and colorful, I love it even though I absolutely have no time to use them. But here I made an exception because: a) name with the words “Imperial” and “Royal” sounds well, very promising; b) in the composition of the caviar extract rich in proteins and collagen, and nourishing Golden oil of sea buckthorn;) huge Bank 400 ml, which is enough for hands and feet-ass-belly, plus another couple of sessions will be (usually body scrubs are produced in small packages some cormorants).

But in short, I was disappointed in the texture in abundance met the sea buckthorn berry in full size – absolutely useless for the exfoliation process, but immediately clog the drain hole of the tub. The abrasive particles were too delicate from scrubs I’m waiting for something more effective than a light tickle. But Yes, after a session the skin is more tender and soft, but this effect and the cream will help to achieve.

Body scrub Body Warming Desserts hot chocolate, Organic Shop

I’m a big fan of baths and all that can be there to bring with you! Body scrub Organic Shop lovers of light steam and birch twigs – it removes dead skin particles, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

The tool is not for sissies – abrasive particles are quite hard, after applying felt a slight burning sensation. The smell of the scrub is corresponds to the name chocolate, but not sickly sweet. After rinsing, the skin is slightly reddish and warm “thank you” Guinea pepper in the composition. Normal color returns in a few hours. Before use, be sure to swipe the text on the sensitivity to avoid allergies.

Sugar scrub, SB-26

Scrub for those who like “heavy artillery” – the sugar crystals ruthlessly remove all dead skin cells. Personally, I like to use it in the bath – when skin is still not very steamed. Apply on wet skin massage movements, paying special attention to problem areas (this is advised by the manufacturer), and then enjoy the hot tub and feel how the sugar melts on the skin.

Extract of kelp in the composition of struggling with body fat and does not allow liquid to stagnate in the tissues, and almond oil makes this a gentle process, leaving the skin hydrated.

Really liked the minimalist packaging is a bright orange color. Aroma is reminds of tangerine jelly.

Scrub shower linji and Shiitake mushrooms, Alina Zanskar

For the first time after unpacking the tool I fell in love with the fragrance, composed of essential oils of chamomile, bergamot and my favorite lavender. The scrub is very delicate, with small jojoba granules, which gradually melt into the skin. Due to such a mild effect it can be used every day – which I do. Apply a small amount to damp skin the gel is pale green color turns into milk. Milk proteins and coconut oil in the scrub does not need to be applied after shower moisturizer – the skin is very delicate.

The main “heroes” of the scrub – linji Japanese mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms – also do the magic: calm, improve microcirculation and skin color.

If you want a more noticeable and immediate exfoliating action – apply the scrub with a special glove for the shower.

100% natural body scrub Jamaican coconut oil and organic papaya, Planeta Organica

Scrub in a small circular jar, which is convenient to store on a shelf in the bathroom. The lid is easy to Unscrew which is handy if you have wet hands.

Foundation funds – cane sugar, which exfoliates dead skin particles. In the composition of several oils (coconut, papaya, apricot seed) and extracts of bamboo and orchids, so the scrub is very nourishing. Easy to apply, a little foam and without problems washed away. After the skin smooth and well hydrated without discomfort. After using the scrub I can’t even apply oil or skin cream.

Salt body scrub with ylang ylang and orange, Pure Love

This scrub has become a decoration for my bathroom! Very beautiful and original packaging – with a soft tube, a wooden spoon (for which there is even a special “eye”) and a minimalistic white label Pure Love. Inside the small salt scrub color of grapefruit. Not too dense, and crumbly with a strong flavor of essential oil of ylang-ylang. The skin melts, leaving only small particles of salt. Important: make sure that the skin no small wounds or irritations, otherwise it’s going to sting.

Composed of only natural ingredients: “green” surfactants, lactic acid, vegetable glycerin, almond oil, C, tangerine, orange and ylang-ylang. Along with the antiseptic action of salt and oil scrub moisturizes the skin – a rarity for such funds.

Anti-cellulite scrub Body Strategist by Comfort Zone

For the sake of experiment honestly “settled” in the bathroom for two weeks beige bottle Comfort Zone. This brand I trust – all funds are made by the Italian manufactory Davines (remember these minimalist hair products with funny names, DIDI and NOUNOU?). And Davines and Comfort Zone – to make the most of the “gifts of nature” (Body Strategist is caffeine, extracts of ivy and horse chestnut) and add a drop of chemical compounds (that means stored not three days).

Scrub from the Body Strategist I call “hot”. Caused a few drops on your palm and felt the warmth. The effect – as in the soft sauna. Apply it on whole body and sing your favorite song for a couple of minutes warming effect will become maximum. Now rinse first with warm water, then cool. Repeat contrast procedure and wrap yourself in a Terry cloth robe. It is the recipe home Spa. Any aroma is grassy and wet.

Body scrub “lemongrass olive”, Organic Shop

The first thing you notice when you open the jar of scrub is an invigorating citrus fragrance of lemongrass, thin loop which remains on the skin. For the exfoliating effect in this facility meets cane sugar, abrasive particles here is quite large, but under the action of hot water on the skin will gradually melt.

If you have sensitive, easily irritated skin, the texture of the scrub may seem harsh. But for normal skin and the treatment of keratinized areas on the elbows and knees will do just fine! And the main advantage of “Olive lemongrass” I want to deliver for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. After the skin is soft as velvet.

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