Six ways to get fat without harm to health

The desire to recover in an era when two women out of three only think how to change the numbering of the size to a smaller side, for some it seems coquetry and bliss. 

The world is full of diets, exercise equipment and fitness programs for those who dream of losing weight. About the same, who modestly struggles with bulging ribs, information and methods are much less.

 Is it worth following the advice of “happy, eat everything,” learned the correspondent of SE.

Thin question

The concept of “thin”, as well as the statement about excess weight, is a relative thing. Some honestly take pride in hiking in the children’s department for T-shirts, others are frantically embarrassed. One thin person will consider himself a photomodel, another – complex from questions about his health and health. In general, whether it is worth trying to gain weight, the girls decide for themselves.

Doctors meanwhile remind: officially the exhaustion begins where the index of the body mass index (weight divided by the height in the square) is less than 18 points. In this case, you need to get better by medical reasons. As you know, the lack of a fat component in the first place hits the hormonal background.

But sheer thinness, doctors recall, can be caused by health problems. As Nina Chernova, the head of the endocrinology department of the Road Clinical Hospital, said, weight loss can be a symptom of a variety of diseases. From serious infectious diseases (which, incidentally, are obvious) to endocrine and digestive disorders, when nutrients are simply not digested (that’s not always the case).

Therefore, if you have lost weight, and still so much that you hardly have a joyful feeling about it, it is worth going to a doctor to find out whether leanness is a symptom, not a consequence.

If you have all your life differed in the dimensions of the inch, and photos of relatives remind you that you are not alone, so the case is hereditary. You will not change the type of metabolism, and you should not worry. You can balance at the lower limit of the norm, but only if you are feeling well.

Rules of search

For those who decided that weight is not enough, it is necessary to be patient. Endocrinologists say that getting better is more difficult than losing weight, and there is no need to hurry.

The first rule is simple – to get better, first of all you need to increase the amount of calories eaten. Dietitian of the Scientific Research Institute of Therapy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Oksana Bragina believes that you can achieve the desired result if you increase the amount of food by about a third.

This, unfortunately, does not mean that you can start all the hard, eating rolls with jam. Calories you get and even get better. But the result is unlikely to please you. According to Nina Chernova, if weight gain does not follow the rules of healthy eating, a person becomes loose and certainly not healthy: fat can accumulate around the internal organs, and outwardly you will not notice it. In addition, Oksana Bragina dispelled the myth that thin any food on the shoulder: “A person with body weight deficiency can have the same lipid metabolism disorders, often there is an increased level of cholesterol, as compensation, so they are also not immune from endocrine disorders”. So, the basic rules of nutrition will have to be respected to you. With some nuances.

The second– lack of body mass is a condition in which the body lacks protein in the first place. “A protein is not only the muscles, but the immune system,” recalls Nina Chernova. Therefore, in the nourishment of thin people, emphasis should be placed on proteins.

Every day you need to eat at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of weight. Especially well-digested protein fish and white poultry meat, and not fatty pork shish kebabs. 

Third – 60 percent of the diet should be carbohydrates. So, you can and need bread, cereals and pasta. Vegetables with starch content are welcome, which can not be powdered. Potatoes are useful – it is rich in mineral substances and is very caloric, it can be eaten thin both during the day and for dinner.

Fourth– Eat soup for lunch. As explained by Nina Chernova, soups are rich in extractives that contribute to increased secretion of gastric juice, which means they increase appetite. In addition, the average soup cooked on meat is not a fat-free product, and therefore it’s not always healthy to lose weight, but those who are trying to get well are just right.

Fifth. Thin can afford much more sweet than the rest – it’s a fact. Sweet curd, dried fruits, chocolate (without fanaticism), even cheesecake – all in the measure of harm will not bring. From fruits you can eat all the sweet options – peaches, persimmons, bananas. A hit is the grapes – there is glucose in its pure form, it is very caloric. And because a glass of grape juice after dinner is only welcomed.

The Sixth– all spicy, salty, sour and seasoned with thin, unlike slimming, are shown. The fact is that bright tastes evoke appetite, and this is what the doctor prescribed. After all, often light weight is accompanied by a small appetite. Force is not necessary, but to stimulate it is important and useful.

About sport and weight

As for fitness, you need to be careful here. Without sports, as you know, neither gain weight, nor lose weight really does not work. But it is important to choose the right training. For example, habitual aerobics, or, for example, swimming, as well as fast walking, refer to cardio training, that is, they affect fat burning. We need something else – to strengthen the muscles, and not burn fat, which is already in short supply. As instructed by the instructor of the club “City Fitness” Ekaterina Khomenko, you need to give preference to strength training.

First and foremost, this is a gym, and it is necessary to provide power, not cardio: for this, the weight of the cargo needs to be increased, and the number of repetitions should be reduced.

You can choose strength training fitness format, aimed at strengthening the muscles. Pilates and power yoga are useful – they do not affect the weight of the body, but they stretch the muscles and make them strong.

And the last, the most pleasant – in order to decorate a figure, one of the most useful procedures is a walk in the fresh air. As experts explain, oxidizing processes are accelerated in the air, metabolism is activated, which causes the appetite to wake up and the eaten food is fully absorbed. So, spring walks during lunch and after work are the best means. Enjoy life!

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