Sip your way to beautiful skin, hair and nails with these supplement shots

We all know beauty comes from within, but getting through two litres of water, remembering your vitamins and cramming in enough exercise – all while juggling a hectic work and family life – isn’t always easy.

Just imagine how much simpler it would be with a bit of help. A gentle nudge to refill our H2O bottle, a motivating friend who will *actually* join us on that early morning run, and (while we’re dreaming), a magical drink that makes us look instantly divine and eliminates the need for extra preening.

Well, we can’t help you with the first two. But that magical drink reminds us of something

One quick way to boost your wellness is a simple everyday sip of Gold Collagen* supplement shots. They’re packed with nourishing ingredients that aid the production of collagen – the natural protein that helps to keep your skin plumped up.

That means a smoother, glowing complexion, plus healthier hair and stronger nails, all in a mini drink that can be grabbed as you run out the door.

Gold Collagen Pure, £35.99, is full of ingredients your skin will love: hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourishing vitamins and minerals, plus actives to help boost collagen production for a smoother complexion. Then there’s Gold Collagen Forte, £39.99, which fights the advanced signs of ageing, preventing oxidative damage and naturally boosting your skin’s ability to produce collagen.

Other great beauty-boosting products from the range include Gold Collagen Hairlift Liquid Hair Growth Supplement, £39.99, a nutrient-rich, collagen-based formula that helps strengthen your hair against breakage and the ultimate self-care treat, Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask, £19.99. It fits like a cooling second skin to rehydrate and perk you

up when you need it.

Don’t forget to visit our Gold Collagen stand at the GLAMOUR Beauty Festival in London from 8th to 10th March. Tickets available on Eventbrite now. Experts will measure the collagen density in your skin and the thickness of your hair to find your perfect prescription, so you can sip and shop! And don’t forget your VIP Gold Collagen goodie bag.

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