July 20, 2024

Singer Justine Skye reveals she’s a lot more insecure than her Instagram alias might have you believe

When it comes to beauty, singer and artiste, Justine Skye treats herself like a canvas. Hair flicking from her Purple Unicorn persona to her on-stage sass – performing her aptly named new album, Ultra Violet – the twenty-two-year-old certainly isn’t afraid to experiment.

Aside from her thirst for experimental eyeshadow, here Justine Skye discusses the beauty secrets that have her 1. 2 million followers living off her every application of Fenty…

“I will wake up and dye my hair on a whim”

I always stick to my purple – I make sure I dye my natural hair the same as the wigs I use, too. But I like to mix up the shades, be it lavender or ultra violet – depending on my mood. One day I will just wake up and go, “I need to try lavender today,” and just do it!

“There is a difference between my ‘Purple Unicorn’ persona and my actual self”

I feel very vulnearable and shy when I am just Justine Skye in comparison to me whipping my hair all-round the world on stage. But I have that moment before I leave a dressing room where I check myself and tell myself, “you are going to go out there and slay! ”

“The one product I couldn’t live without is…”

…Eye masks! KNC Beauty’s eye masks are super moisturising. They retain their moisture right up until the second you take them off.

“I can Google my biggest beauty mistakes! ”

When I was sixteen years old, I was obsessed with coloured lipstick. I tried this blue lipgloss and my mom bought me the same product in white, yellow and even green. Annoyingly, when you Google me, these images always come up so I will never escape it.

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“You never know what the day or night might bring, so you have to be prepared beauty-wise”

When I look for a fragrance, I want something that is distinct. I want people to ask what I am wearing and people do just that whenever I wear DKNY Stories. I also really want something that lasts a long time as you never know what the day or night might bring! The fragrance itself transports me to a very peaceful but very confident place.

“My mirror mantra is, ‘Yes girl, you look bomb! ’”

I want to feel at my most confident that moment just before I walk out the door. I want to look at the mirror knowing that I look and feel great. I always give myself a pep talk before I walk out the door, like, “yes, girl, your make up is bomb! ” I would say though that confidence won’t happen overnight. You have to do the ground work by surrounding yourself with the right people like your friends and family. Make sure they are your greatest cheerleaders and build yourself up with these people. But make sure you can rely on yourself, too, as you should never pretend to be anyone other than yourself. ”

“SpongeBob scared me for life! ”

My first fragrance memory was from when I watched SpongeBob SquarePants. There was a scene where he was walking through the mall and going through the fragrance section. He was petrified of the sales people who spray you and I was then so scared about going through the fragrance section of department stores for ages after that!

“New Yorkers’ approach to beauty is like nowhere else in the world…”

NYC is such a melting pot, with different people of different cultures and backgrounds – even right down to body shapes. It’s a place where people meet to achieve their goals, so it’s very fast-paced. It will eat you up and spit you out if you are not careful. When it comes to beauty, it is extremely creative because there are so many people in New York who bring a different beauty game. New York has so many different ways of portraying beauty in all forms. Beauty education is something I am super passionate about, too. My platform, Metix (a subscription makeup tutorial service), is really all about bringing the power of beauty to everyone and also celebrating difference.

“Makeup doesn’t define your beauty”

You are at your most beautiful without all the makeup. Makeup isn’t about hiding yourself, it is about enhancing yourself. If you don’t want to wear makeup, then just don’t. But if you want to be creative, you do you. For me, I love to adds pops of colour but I would never do anything to over exaggerate my features like big eyes, for instance.

“Makeup can age you – don’t grow up too quickly! ”

Times are changing so fast – there are fourteen-year-old girls who can do better makeup than me! The internet is making young girls more creative and exposed to beauty at a far younger age. I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup at that age so the rules are changing. But my advice would be: makeup can age you. I want the young girls out there to slow down a bit – everyone used to tell me this when I was younger, too, but I didn’t listen. Be a kid as long as you can because makeup will always be there!

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