People Are Praising Rihanna For Featuring A Model With Facial Scars In Fenty Campaign

The brand recently released a promotional image in which South Sudanese model Aweng Mayen Choul’s facial scars are fully visible, forgoing the usual retouching used in high-fashion campaigns. Chuol reposted the image on her socials, writing: “@fenty close up. The culture.”

Rihanna has long been known as a champion for inclusiveness in the fashion world. Between her ultra-inclusive Fenty Beauty foundation shades and diverse runway show for Saxage x Fenty lingerie, the 30 year-old singer-turned-entrepreneur is truly paving the way for positive change. And now, it appears her new, highly-anticipated luxury fashion line will follow in these footsteps.

Chuol has been open about her scars in the past, and she wants everyone to know that she isn’t ashamed of them. Last year, she told told Dazed and Confused: “People tell me I look like a jaguar or that I’m ‘exotic.’ Sometimes I just want to shout at everyone: ‘Look at me, I’m not just a scar, I’m a human.’ But I get it, it’s a curiosity. I know I’m different, I know my facial features are different, but to me that’s beauty.”

Fans see her beauty, too, and are thanking the company and its founder for embracing diversity in such a powerful way. It’s 2019, and customers want to see brands that represent them rather than sticking to the industry’s unrealistic perceptions of beauty.

“I love that the images used on Fenty are not retouched, and that the model’s skin is not perfect by societal standards,” one Twitter user wrote alongside the photo. “Wow! As a girl with scars, this really touches my heart. I’ve never had any reason to feel less terrible about my scars until seeing this,” another user replied.

Rihanna’s upcoming Fenty label is in collaboration with LVMH fashion house and is said to include ready-to-wear, leather goods, and accessories. The first collection is set to launch later this year, and we can’t wait to see what other groundbreaking moves Rihanna makes with it.

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