TikTokers are using old photos and paintings to prove that their “flaws”

Showing their curly hair, rosy cheeks and dark circles, women are using the montages to prove that their supposed ‘flaws’, while maybe not deemed by society as conventionally attractive, are in fact incredibly beautiful.

The latest trend to hit TikTok is all about self-love which, if you hadn’t guessed by our recent self-love issue, is a topic we’re seriously passionate about.

So we were pretty excited to see users of the video-sharing platform posting short clips of themselves showing their ‘flaws’ alongside historic works of art, depicting women with the exact same attributes.

Eileen, AKA @leeencuisine, writes: “you’ve been insecure about your rosy cheeks your whole life but one day you remember they’re a symbol of beauty”, with various works of art depicting beautiful rosy-cheeked women.

While a user called Miranda Lauren (@molosal), shared: “It took me 19 years to fall in love with my curls, I wish it would’ve been sooner #greenscreen #JustAddGlitter #allstarmoment #curlyhair”, before sharing various photos of women throughout history with gorgeous curly hair.

Another TikToker called Taeler – @whitehair on the app – celebrated her broad nose by sharing images of her Native American ancestors. “sometimes i envy others but then i remember who made me so beautiful #greenscreen #fyp #native #indigenous #nativeamerican #mmiw #navajo.” Her post has since been liked by almost 190,000 people with thousands of comments of support.

Taeler isn’t the only user to celebrate the shape of her nose alongside her cultural heritage. Lila, AKA @tiktoktoyoulater, says: “aquiline/hooked noses are beautiful apart of so many nations cultures around the world and it would be an injustice if i hated mine like i use 2?”

We are so here for this self-love trend and we hope to see many more TikToks celebrating these so-called ‘flaws’.

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