This is the surprising accessory we saw on *every* front row at fashion week

From exposed shoulders to giant bags and statement collars, this month’s fashion weeks served up some major street style looks, but there were certain trends that took even those of us who work in the industry by surprise.

Off-the shoulder layering, cut-out hips and nostalgic jewellery were rife on the AW20 catwalks, but if you’re after more immediate style inspo then look no further than the attendees sitting front row at these very shows.

One, in particular, that dominated fashion week across all four cities over the last month was the two-tone boot.

Often of the cream-black-and-white variety by accessory brand Wandler, the £600 boots below were quite literally everywhere.

But it wasn’t just this incarnation that caught our attention, with some show-goers opting for boots with complimentary tones of brown, and others for simple black and beige takes.

Here’s a brief mood board of our favourite Fashion Week two-tone moments for reference…

Despite the month’s dire weather forecast, the fashion set stayed true to form and sacrificed any sense of practicality in favour of aesthetic brilliance, opting for all manner of short hemlines in order to showcase the boots in their glory.

If not feeling so brave, however, make like one of our favourite influencers Caroline Daur and tuck your jeans into said boots…

Perfect for elevating a relatively simple outfit, these boots look particularly great with tonnally-complementary pieces. For instance, a black and beige pair works well with either an all-black look, or all-beige. Long coats also work brilliantly, welcoming a subtle peek of the boot as you walk.

A real game of perspective, however, these boots come with a warning. From the side you’d be forgiven for thinking some of these women had got dressed in the dark and opted for two entirely different boots.

It’s only when you take a look front-on that you get the full impact, so bear that in mind when taking your inevitable shot for the #gram. See you on the feed…

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