May 25, 2024

Signs You Need A New Bra

Do you need a new bra? Probably. If like over half of the nation, you haven’t bothered to have a professional bra fitting in several years, or are too shy to ask for help from the professionals, don’t worry, we get it.

It has been quite the year and the cold weather is not the most travel friendly, so naturally for most of us, bra fitting and new bra shopping hasn’t exactly been at the top of our ‘to do list’. Plus, buying a bra online can be somewhat tricky when you have no idea what size is right for your body.

Thankfully, we’ve enlisted lingerie experts Lounge Underwear to share 5 very simple signs that you need a new bra, plus a guide to measuring your chest at home so you can head into the new year with the ideal lingerie.

The underwire is exposed

If the underwire in your bra is exposed and digging into your breasts or armpits this is the most obvious sign that you need new underwear. Underwired bras are designed to hug your curves with comfort and support, so the second an underwire sticks out, this will cause immense discomfort.

The bra or underwear has changed in colour or has stained

Knickers will stain due to discharge and other normal body fluids which is unavoidable and completely natural, but you should watch out for colour discolouration. Everything from natural wear and tear to washes can discolour sets, but once the material has completely changed in colour we recommend treating yourself to a nice new addition.

Your set is too loose or tight

Your bra and pants should never be too loose or tight but due to wear this can easily happen and is a sign to trade them in. If you notice that your underwear sets aren’t as comfortable anymore and either feel constricting during and after wear or are gaping — it’s time for a new set.

Your set has grown hair

If you spot that there are small hairs across your bra or knickers, it’s 100% time for a new pair. Tiny hairs mean the elastic has broken which is effectively what holds the piece together and keeps its quality. Once you see hair, start to shop around for a new set.

The straps don’t fit correctly

Straps on bras are designed to help with fluctuating change, so if you struggle to get a comfortable fit from changing your strap setting, it’s time to get a new set (and also probably to re-measure your boobs). Breasts naturally grow and change, so we recommend a new bra fitting every 6 months to make sure your breasts are held correctly.

How to measure for a new bra in three easy steps

If you think it’s time for a new set, it’s important to remember that a good bra needs to fit, support you and feel comfortable. Plus, a great bra gives you the added bonus of feeling super confident and empowered, too. Here’s GLAMOUR’s guide on how to measure yourself at home.

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