Popular Aussie beauty brand, Sand & Sky, just launched body care

Australia has blessed us with some pretty fantastic exports; um, CHRIS HEMSWORTH and Tim Tams. As well as eye candy and actual candy, Australia has also born some incredible beauty brands.

We bet you didn’t know that cult lip soothing brand, Lanolips, hails from Australia, nor that Trilogy, the brand Kate Middleton swears by, is also made by the Aussies?

One of Australia’s more prominent beauty launches came in 2017, when Sand Sky unveiled its Australian Pink Clay and forever changed the skincare landscape by pushing the boundaries of what one product could do in just a matter of minutes. The result? Over 17,000 people on waiting lists and more than 1 million products sold worldwide.

Calming, gentle and sensitive on the skin, Sand and Sky’s clay mask has been found to shrink existing acne, detoxify pores and refine the skin to prevent future pimples from forming.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the A-beauty brand is hoping to target our bodycare regime with its new product: The £29.90 Smoothing Body Sand.

The brand promises that the 4-in-1 formula is your ‘one-stop shop for a glowing bod’. “Purify with cult Australian Pink Clay, exfoliate and smooth with gorgeous Coconut and Macadamia Shell, moisturise with luxurious Virgin Macadamia Oil and illuminate with environmentally-friendly Mica Glitter. This smooth operator means business for amazing, touch-me skin,” they say.

The Australian Bentonite and Kaolin is apparently one of the purest clays in the world. Filled with high quality nutrients and minerals, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and combats everyday pollution. Meanwhile, the coconut shell gently exfoliates your skin to remove dry, dead skin for instant softness and macadamia nut shell helps minimise the appearance of skin imperfections and bumps for a more even skin texture.

We’ll be trying it out ASAP and sharing our full verdict.

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