Sibiryachki buy up sneakers that make the buttocks work without sports

All women dream of miracles. For example, that donuts eaten at the office desk should not be left in the sides, but the buttocks, whose work is limited to sitting on a chair, pulled themselves together.

At the same time, the last dream, it seems, has become a real embodiment. Today, all the women’s forums boil over from the discussion of miracle shoes, in which it is enough just to walk so that the hips and buttocks become denser and more bold.

How to restore elasticity to the buttocks and whether sneakers will help in this, the correspondent of SHE.

The theory of pads

Reebok Easy Tone sneakers were released last year and already managed to create a hectic sensation around themselves. As advertising says, their main goal is to strengthen the buttocks and thighs of customers while they are shopping, and do not sweat at the gym.

Sneakers work, according to the company, due to balancing pads, filled with air and hidden in the sole. Due to their convex shape, they create the effect of easy instability of the foot – this causes the muscles to constantly contract and work more actively. The company even considered that when walking in these sneakers, the pads “make” the gluteal muscles “work” 28% more, and 11% more work the calf and thigh muscles and tendons.

Price and Deficit

Stand sneakers around 4,5 thousand rubles. (more precisely – from 4,390 to 4,990 rubles., depending on the model and coloring), this is considered the average price for quality sports shoes in branded stores. As the seller-consultant of the Reebok brand store in “MEGA” Tatyana Manko told, earlier there was only one kind of “i-tones” available – universal walking sneakers, but they could not run (because of the instability of the platform) and it is undesirable to practice in the hall, for example, on the steppes (for the same reason). But just a month ago two more versions of popular sneakers were brought to the stores: running and special training, for fitness. However, in all of them you still can not play basketball, volleyball and tennis: everywhere you need shoes with special fixation, otherwise there is a risk to turn your leg.

By the way, there were also male “izi-tones”, however, the demand of them, as the consultants admitted, is small. But women snap like hot pies, and its size, perhaps even in the company store will have to look. “Very quickly dismantled,” consultants shrug.

Personal experience

SHE correspondent went in search of sneakers of a rare 34-35 sizes with the expectation of the worst, but was pleasantly surprised: Easy Tone sneakers are small-sized, some buy as much as two sizes more than their “native”.

As a result, the 36th size is quite suitable. The sneakers are slightly heavier than usual – the cameras on the sole add weight. In addition, due to the same cameras, they look wider than usual sports shoes (especially on a very narrow leg). But the sensations when wearing are really funny: it seems that little cushions were tied to your feet: to stand high and very soft, but you walk a little swaying.

The girl Catherine, who bought sneakers a month ago, admitted that she did not believe in advertising, but she feels the result: “There is muscle tension when walking, especially if you do not walk by walking pace, but with acceleration, fatigue like after training, if you do not do anything. But to feel it, you need to walk at least a couple of hours. ”

Evaluation of coaches

Ekaterina Surova, director of development of the Grand-Arena fitness center, has no doubts about the truthfulness of the advertisement, but she considers the sneakers to be simply comfortable shoes: “Any unstable surface implies that the person in addition to the major ones includes several groups of smaller muscles. As for the percentages indicated in the advertisement, I can say: this is not a myth, they all counted, I even believe them. But the work of the muscles is different, not every job leads to a beautiful result.

For example, the muscles of the shins – and so our most stubborn muscles, all the time working, always “hammered”, and the fact that they have increased the load – it’s rather worse than better. Especially for those women who like to walk on their heels. “

Catherine called the new sneakers excellent quality training shoes, which, however, the attitude to the relief of the buttocks is only mediated.

Tatyana Boyarkina, fitness director of the Remix fitness club, does not believe in miraculous sneakers: “On an unstable platform, it is naturally more difficult to have a vestibular apparatus connected – this is a plus, but it is impossible to train the buttocks. If there are problems with foot, flat feet, with knee joints or spine – the load is distributed incorrectly, and such shoes can be harmful. ”

All coaches agreed in one: tighten the buttocks can, if the sneakers are used for their intended purpose – for sports. The trainer of the fitness club “Remix” Ekaterina Lysenkova showed simple and effective exercises for the buttocks (see the video): if you do them every day at least 15-20 minutes – the effect will be in a month and without expensive sneakers (all exercises performed in 3 sets 15 times each).

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