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Worried about performing on New Years? Want to walk into 2019 a confident man? Start the year off right and put ED in your rear view mirror. Our friends at hims have a proven treatment just for you. Set up a confidential online consultation with a licensed doctor and you’ll soon have the prescription solutions that you need for 2019 and beyond. We’d say that’s a resolution worth making. New year. New man. Try hims for $5 today.

Throwback Gaming Console (49% off)

This throwback gaming console is nostalgia in a box! Preloaded with 600 classic games, including imitations of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Contra, Bomberman, Galaga, Paperboy, Double Dragon, and more, this super portable console is sure to have something for everyone. With the included HDMI cable, you can easily link up to your TV for hours of gaming fun.

The Midnight Rabbit

Chivers can get almost any single item for 50% off at AdamandEve.com. Also, as a special bonus, Chivers will get 3 Free DVDs, a free gift and FREE SHIPPING on your entire order in the US/Canada. Just enter code CHIVE at checkout! *Some exclusions may apply.

New Man Revolution | Shave and Shower Supplies (30% Off)

Get the shave butter & body wash she loves to smell on you. 15% off everything with code: CHIVE. Plus 30% off subscriptions with code: CHIVEclub.

All-natural. Veteran owned and operated

Hack your hangover with DRINKADE (Previously Never Too Hungover) 25% off

Hasta la vista, 2018. With Christmas behind us, here at the Chive, we are all thinking about celebrating on New Year’s Eve. Some of us are going out and others are staying in, but we all agree that we’ll be drinking the night away and, for that reason, DrinkAde is a NYE necessity. You can take on all your new resolutions with a clear mind on January 1 because DrinkAde helps prevent hangovers. We shoot one small bottle before our first glass of bubbly and think you should probably do the same. They’ve hooked us up with a 25% discount pass along to Chivers when you buy on Amazon so order today to get it before NYE. Use the link HERE or enter code: 25CHVNYE at checkout. Expires on Dec. 31. Promo code: 25CHVNYE

HAVEN Connect Lock

Ditch the deadbolts and keep your home safe with the HAVEN Connect Lock. Designed and tested by U.S. Special Ops veterans, the HAVEN Connect Lock is an app-controlled lock that mounts at the base of your door. 10 times stronger than a deadbolt, the HAVEN Connect Lock reinforces your door with a flexible locking wedge that pushes back and uses an attacker’s energy against them. Using it is as simple as stepping on the pressure-sensitive locking pedal or using the companion app, which you can also use to send digital keys to visitors, monitor access, and more. 19% Off Code: NEWYEAR2019

Solace Vapor (25% Off)

Christmas may be over, but Solace Vapor is still sharing holiday specials with Chivers! Solace has been able to help more than 87% of its customers quit smoking with their nicotine salt e-liquids! Solace offers a wide range of flavors in multiple nicotine strengths so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit. Join the thousands of customers that have made the switch and pick up a bottle of Solace today. For a limited time, Chivers can get 25% off of their entire order using code CHIVE.

Felix Gray

Staring at a computer screen sucks, but for many of us, it’s not a choice. It’s also not surprising studies have shown that prolonged exposure to screens can cause eye-related symptoms such as eye fatigue, headaches, or blurred vision. The folks over at Felix Gray are here to help out Chive nation. Felix Gray glasses are designed to filter out harmful Blue Light and eliminate 99% of glare from your screen. Not only do they feel good, but they look good too with a number of beautifully handcrafted frames to choose from. The whole collection is available in non-Rx and Prescription, so do your eyes a favor and get your first pair of Felix Gray glasses HERE!


Who you’re betting on is just as important as where you’re betting. Check out the bowl game odds and get in on the action with MyBookie. They’ll match your deposit dollar for dollar when you sign up today with promo code ‘”Chive.”

The Ultimate Male Hygiene Essentials

Have you ever nicked your sack during a manscaping session? Prevent manscaping accidents with the Perfect Package 2.0! This luxury kit features our legendary Lawn Mower 2.0 trimmer with SkinSafe™ ceramic blades, Crop Preserver 24-hour ball deodorant featuring Active pH Control™, Crop Reviver body toner spray with Aloe Vera, The Plow stainless steel single blade safety razor, Magic Mat disposable shaving mats, and a free Shed travel bag. Try our maximum performance manscaping tools today. The Chivette in your life will thank you!

NanoCraft Day & Night Combo Pack (15% Off)

Start the new year off right by getting the best of both worlds with NanoCraft’s Day and Night formula drops combo pack! Their day formula is packed with B-12, organic caffeine and CBD for a natural boost to help you get your day started. Need something to help you wind down after a long day? Their nighttime formula is made with lavender essential oil and sleep support agents that work in tandem with CBD and melatonin to help you rest and recharge. Use code NYE15 for 15% off anything in store!

Lull – The Newer, Better Way to Buy A Mattress ($150 Off)

Find out why our buddies at Lull have the best consumer reviews. Don’t waste your time at a mattress store – get advanced sleep technology delivered to your door, at a fraction of the price of traditional retail mattress stores. Premium memory foam, reinvented for your best sleep. Get Free Shipping to your door, and a 100 night risk-free trial in your home. Only downside is you won’t ever want to get out of bed. Sweet deal, sweet dreams.

CleanSonic Ultra Electric Whitening Toothbrush With 4 Brush Heads (58% off)

If you really care about your oral hygiene, you’ll treat your teeth better than a static toothbrush. This 35,000 VPM electric brush can remove ten times the plaque than a traditional toothbrush and it’s significantly less expensive than other brand name brushes. With multiple cleaning modes, you can customize the brushing experience that’s right for you and your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth.

20,000mAh Crush-Proof Portable Power Bank (24% off)

Charge virtually any device, anywhere you go with this massive-capacity, super-durable portable charger. With multiple output options, this high-powered battery can fully recharge USB Type-C laptops, iPhones and Androids, Nintendo Switch, and much more at incredibly high speeds. It’s QC 3.0 compatible for charging speeds up to four times faster than conventional adapters and, thanks to its durable construction, it’s practically crush-proof.

Hydro-Pro Hydration Backpack (68% off)

Hydration is key when you’re out on the trail, but the mistake many hikers make is lugging their water in a bottle that weighs them down as they go. Using a flexible hose that draws from a heat-sealed BPA-free water bladder, the Hydro-Pro Hydration Backpack lets you tote your H₂O with minimal bulk. Simply throw it on, feed your hose over the left or right strap, and hydrate as you blaze your own trail.

WriterDuet Pro: Lifetime Subscription (58% off)

If you’re set on drafting the next great screenplay, you’d be remiss to do it without WriterDuet. Simple, intuitive, and built for collaboration, WriterDuet is the screenwriting software designed for screenwriters by screenwriters. Whether you’re working with a friend or an entire team, WriterDuet lets you work together in real time. You can outline your ideas on a collaborative cork board, write with industry-standard formatting, and easily import/export your work to Final Draft, Fountain, Word & more writing platforms. 19% Off Code: NEWYEAR2019

Pure Cycles Gravel Adventure Bike (25% off)

Geared for much more than just pedaling on the street, Pure Cycles’ Adventure Bike is designed to keep up wherever your adventures take you. Its gravel-ready geometry keeps you in control on loose surfaces, and disc brakes give deliver next-level stopping power. And, thanks to its 650B-compatible build, you can easily throw on larger tires for more adventurous off-roading. With this deal, you can choose between two frame colors and six sizes to get the perfect bike for you; and shipping is included in the cost. 19% Off Code: NEWYEAR2019

FRESHeBUDS Air Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds (72% off)

Music is better without the wires, and it’s best through a crystal clear, Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection. The FRESHeBUDS Air headphones build upon the power and convenience of the best-selling FRESHeBUDS to deliver incredible sound in a lightweight, weather- and sweat-proof package that is ideal for listening on a jog, on the bus, waiting for an appointment – anything. You can even answer calls and change songs without ever touching your phone.


Get your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions out because 2019 is right around the corner. Ring in the new year in the best way we know of, with some good friends, great alcohol, and a whole lotta Bill Murray!

A portion of proceeds will benefit Murray Bros Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament.

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