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Golden Snitch Light

We enlisted our best seekers to catch as many snitches as we could to make you these mesmerizing snitch lights. The ethics of snitch entrapment are debatable, but you won’t be against it when you see how gorgeous this light is. Infuse your home with snitchy golden glow for less than the price of the train to Hogwarts.

“The Cube” Bluetooth Speaker (56% off)

Play your music in futuristic fashion with “The Cube,” the space age-looking Bluetooth speaker that pairs easily with your smartphone or another Bluetooth-compatible device to deliver booming bass and zinging trebles. Its colorful LED lighting even gives off a full-on dance party vibe as you’re listening away.

Take Wetter Selfies Underwater Camera

You want summer selfies but not so keen on taking your precious, expensive phone into the pool – or the sea, good grief. Just whip out this reusable waterproof camera instead. It takes the foolproof analog photos of your Instagram dreams from the underwater splendor of the pool or ocean – or bath if you’re trying to save a bit of money.

USMC Combat Sword Is Savage ($29.99 with FREE KNIFE)

Tradition, innovation and savage performance is what you’re getting with the USMC Blackout Combat Sword! It’s a fierce warrior that will slash its way through the modern battlefield. But to make sure you’re completely combat ready, we’re giving you the fierce Blackout Combat Fighter Knife absolutely FREE! Use code BKUCSUTM for FREE SHIPPING!


The only proven way to keep your hair is to do something about it while you still have some. hims is a one-stop shop for men’s wellness offering direct shipment of medical-grade products backed by science to help you keep your hair. The Complete Hair Kit from hims gives you everything you need to fight hair loss. Prevention, so much more effective than denial. Try hims today for just $5, while supplies last. Get it here.

Lazy Fucker Sloth Mug

Crafted from a calming blue hue of earthenware to offset the coffee bean buzz, this sleek mug is dishwasher AND microwave safe, so you can be TRULY lazy and not spend a thousand years trying to scrub the lovely brown rings out of it.

How to Make a Freaking iPhone App: iOS 11 and Swift 4 (85% off)

Ever wanted to make an iPhone app? Everybody’s got an app idea, but not everyone has the know-how to do it. Put yourself into the group that can with this beginner’s course on coding for the newest iOS release, iOS 11. You’ll explore all the new features of iOS 11 while developing foundational coding skills that will help you start coding for every subsequent release, as well.

DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer Card Case (17% off)

This imperial multi-tasking box is constructed like the four-legged All-Terrain walker from the Star Wars saga. It makes for the ultimate gift or your ultimate desk organizer, bringing more to the table than meets the eye. The AT-AT arrives flat-packed, so that your favorite DIYer will love assembling it – and maybe even painting it. But it also hides desk-cluttering cords and even holds business cards, so your neat freak friends and family will love it just as much.

Ice Cream Ping Pong

Set up is fast and easy: clip the adjustable net onto whatever table you’ve got lying about and you’re good to go! From big ol’ picnic tables to the humble camping table, anything will do thanks to the innovative adjustableness of this nifty net.

Exclusive Cockouflage™ Converse® made

This Special Edition Cockouflage™ Converse® Chuck Taylor All Star is available only for theChive.com community and remains true to the iconic original with classic details on a comfortable canvas upper. Cockouflage™ sales support Team-5 Medical Foundation’s missions. Learn more about the Team-5 Medical Foundation mission HERE and snag your pair HERE.

Genius Pack High-Altitude Flight Bag (8% off)

Air travel can be rough – especially when you can barely fit a magazine in the seat-back pocket. This innovative bag is changing it all. Its unique design wraps around the seat in front of you so you can access everything you need, when you need it (seatbelt sign illuminated and all). The Portable Mobile Charger allows you to recharge on a dime and designated compartments for everything from your iPad to your headphones make organization simple. Now all you need is a drink and some pretzels and you’ll be preparing for landing in no time!

Schmidt Brothers Bonded Teak 3-Piece Grill Set (23% off)

Up your grill game with this classy barbecue set! The Bonded Teak series got its name from the harmonious merger of stainless steel and beautiful teak wood, creating a precise and pleasurable grilling experience. This set includes a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a basting brush – everything you need to get cracking on the grill.

Paracord Bracelet (34% off)

Be ready for anything and look stylish in the meantime with this adjustable Paracord bracelet. Made from the lightweight rope once used by soldiers to suspend lines of parachutes, this is clearly not your ordinary bracelet.

LithiumCard Wallet Battery (66% off)

The LithiumCard Wallet Battery is an engineering marvel, packing tons of power in a package no thicker than 5 credit cards. Beautifully crafted from a luxurious billet aluminum housing, it charges devices at up to a lightning-fast 1% of battery life per minute. Without question, this battery is the pinnacle of portable charging perfection–and it’s calling your name.

Army Gear 10-in-1 Survival and Camping Kit (66% off)

Love the outdoors? Then you ought to be prepared. This kit features the ten most essential survival tools in case of a natural disaster or an emergency situation. Not only is it great for an emergency pack, but the kit also includes everything you’ll need to tackle any camping adventure.

Buckshot Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses

Feeling gun shy? Start your evening off with a bang with these shotgun shell inspired shot glasses. Set of 4 plastic shot glasses. 12-gauge shotgun sized.

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