Amazon Fashion just launched street style collections designed by your favourite influencers

The rise of Instagram and, in turn, Instagram influencers has therefore seen a huge spike in both the availability and variety of street-style-type images, with an enormous number of people using these as their primary source of fashion inspiration.

It started out as merely a incidental concept for well-dressed fashion editors photographed outside runway shows, but ‘street style’ has now become one of the most popular and influential types of fashion #inspo in the world. Because while we’d all *like* to look like Beyoncé on stage, or Blake Lively on the red carpet, celebrity style is all-too-often unrelatable and impractical for those (rare) days that we’re *not* having lunch with our husband Ryan Reynolds.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Amazon Fashion has acknowledged this phenomenon, today launching The Drop.

The Drop is a new, innovative shopping platform for Amazon customers that hosts regular collection ‘drops’ designed by a number of the world’s most popular influencers.

The catch? Each drop is only available for 30 hours, via the Amazon App or mobile browser. But while that lack of purchase-thinking-time may initially seem like a drawback, it is in fact a very planet-friendly way to approach what could be just another fast-fashion surge.

Each item will only be created post-purchase and on-demand, reducing the chance of clothing waste. It also reduces the chance of you turning up in the same outfit as your friend, which is another huge plus in our eyes.

For those who miss out on each drop, Amazon is also launching Staples by The Drop – must-have wardrobe staples which complement the influencer designed collections that will be available constantly.

For the first drop, Amazon Fashion has teamed up with Fashion influencer Paola Alberdi, who said: “I am beyond grateful to Amazon for entrusting me to be the first influencer to launch The Drop, their innovative new shopping experience.”

“I have worked hard for many years to create a brand that is true to myself and did the same with this collection. Fashion can be so expensive but my belief is that it should not have to be expensive to feel beautiful. The primary goal of my collection is simply to help women feel good about themselves. I’m so excited to share these pieces with the world!”

Upcoming influencers collaborating with and designing for The Drop include Emi Suzuki, Sierra Furtado, Leonie Hanne, and our very own GLAMOUR cover girl, Patricia Bright.

Paola’s collection drops at 5pm today (June 5th). Race ya.

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