Sexually transmitted diseases promise to become a plague of the XXI century

People love to talk about their illnesses, but not about these. The presence of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is usually carefully concealed even from the closest ones.

There are no true statistics on such diseases.

Only such figures are known: for the year only more than 250 million people worldwide are infected with gonorrhea.Veaceslav Bikbulatov, doctor-dermatovenerologist of the Reproductive Health + medical center, tells how to not fill this sad list and not become a victim of dangerous sexual infections.

Vyacheslav Zinnatovich, is it true that today there is a sharp increase in sexually transmitted diseases?

Yes, to the long-known, such as syphilis or gonorrhea, new infections are added. Now there are more than 20 of them. Moreover, many of them have been revealed only recently. Their symptoms, especially in women, may not appear for a long time. A woman can get married, have a baby and learn about her illness only after the baby is sick. I’m not exaggerating. We are all children of nature. We litter the forest, we are bitten by ticks that protect it from invasion. We destroy our health with alcohol, stress, we reduce love to mechanical make love and get diseases that try to stop us, to direct the true path. There is nothing to be done, the relations of people have become simpler, we are in a hurry, hurry, easily appoint dates on dating sites, easily enter into sexual contacts. And we hope for the Russian maybe. They come to us, when the disease does not allow us to live in the usual rhythm. According to our statistics, 97% of those who applied for help are already chronically ill. It also happens that they run to us and for emergency help, when it is necessary to hide the fact of betrayal of a partner.

That is, in an urgent order to establish the presence of infection and quickly recover? 

That’s just quicker often does not work. And you need to investigate in any case, both partners. Sex infections are very insidious, there are a lot of them. The incubation period can be up to several weeks or not appear at all for a long time. Or manifest as weakness, malaise. Usually a person starts taking antibiotics, like everything gets better and he calms down. And so on until next time. Meanwhile, venereal diseases are dangerous because they are not only infected by sexual partners, they are transmitted to the fetus in utero, and through saliva with a kiss and blood transfusion. These microbes, getting into the body, are able through the blood, lymph to hit the most different organs and even grab the body completely.

If these microbes have adapted to the new realities, does it mean that some modern equipment is needed for their detection?

Yes, equipment is becoming more complicated. Fortunately, in our center is a very good diagnostic base, without exaggeration, one of the best in the city, it corresponds to the most modern methods of detecting such diseases. The only in the city ultra-precise German device “Architect I2000SR” guarantees not only the accuracy and wide range of diagnostics, but also quick results. With its help, it is possible to conduct forty tests for various diseases for one patient at a time, one blood sample. Our staff – the real professionals of their business. However, to detect a disease is the second thing. The main task we see today in informing the population is to make people understand that sexual infections with modern low immunity is a real plague of the 21st century. Today, from the “diseases of love” no one is immune – neither ladies’ man nor girl, entering into the first sexual contact. It is no accident that sexually transmitted diseases today are among the most common in the world.

The heroine of Maria Arbatova in the novel “Seven Years of Search” says that she adheres to one remedy, namely the Pharmatex pill. Is this permissible? 

Yes, her character was a lover of dating sites and casual links. I would not risk this. And the condom was the best remedy. The rest is just an addition. You can talk about douching, and about taking a shower after sex, and about pills, but it’s all after. It is necessary to protect oneself during sex. The rest is just a safety net. The same Pharmatex can easily burn the mucous if it is misused to use it, and the result is an infection. Any wound is like a dust collector, in this case a microbottom. There is no single recipe for all. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the methods of protection.

Myths are still strong in our society. It is believed that taking contraceptives leads to weight gain, and an interrupted sexual intercourse guarantees protection from pregnancy.

A lot of things they say. But the tests show the result, not what we used to think. I will once again emphasize: the most terrible thing is our ignorance. Surprisingly, every year more and more people come to us, who treated themselves according to recipes from the Internet, from healers, on the advice of a neighbor, “who had the same thing.” The result is a neglected disease. And in fact today sexual infections can be treated not somewhere in the house, secretly, and in modern clinics at professionals. It would be unfair to say that 100% of all these infections are diseases of debauchery. No! This is including the result of the ill health of our society. Take care of yourself, and ask – do not self-medicate!

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