Sex with your first partner can lead to some… unique ideas of what’s “normal”, Photos

“I used to put my girlfriend’s legs like all the way behind her… I had no idea how flexible that girl was until I was yelled at for trying with a different girl.”

“My first GF was a BDSM enthusiast. I just thought that this was the normal way of doing sex and was surprised to know that my second GF didn’t have her own sex tools kit.”


“I literally don’t know how to explain this in a clean manner… My ex (first person I had slept with) had a kink where she liked me to basically fuck her while she was asleep because she liked waking up with a dick inside her. I thought it was hot, but soon found out it was noooootttttt normal.”

“A girl I dated for a bit was really into spitting, like she wanted me to spit in her mouth and in her face during sex. It’s always the normal looking ones who surprise you.”


“He loved rim jobs. Just loved my tongue all up in there. So, I obliged. Wasn’t till the next guy literally yelped and cringed away from me that I realized not all dudes have the same preferences in bed.”


“My first girlfriend gave blowjobs by blowing on my penis. We were both very young. I was just happy someone was touching it.”


“Lack of affection involved. No kissing or cuddling, and he would often leave right after we were done. Over time I expected it and accepted it as normal. It’s taken a long time to change that with my new boyfriend who has taught me it actually is normal to desire romantic physical affection along with sex.”


“In college, I hooked up with one girl during her time of the month. I was new to the whole “hooking up” perspective of college life as a freshman. She was totally cool about it and told me that I “could just put it in her ass.”

I took how cool she was with it as somehow being the “norm” with other hook-ups. I was dead wrong. The next girl that I hooked up was also during her time of the month so I asked her about our options there and ended up naked, by myself, and very embarrassed.”

“My first girlfriend just laid there while I did the work. My second GF was a hellcat, it was like going from a bike to fully loaded Benz.”


“First GF would give me a BJ, but when I would start to go, things changed quite drastically. Once it started, she would remove her mouth completely (I distinctly remember the pop sound each time) and then start to jack me off like she was trying to set the speed record with a shake weight. So I hated BJs. When I told her it was great except for the end she just told me that’s how BJs were and not everyone likes them. Not. True.”

“He asked me to use my teeth during a blow job. He wanted me to scrape my teeth up his dick. Said he liked the thrill of not knowing if I might bite it. Had to unlearn that trick fast!”

“The first dude I had sex with I ended up dating for 7 years, so most of my sexual habits were built around him and his habits. He absolutely loved having his balls squeezed hard. Like, wrap my hand around the whole sack and squeeze as hard as I possibly could. He was so into it and we never really talked about it, so I just assumed it was something all dudes liked.

The first time I had sex with my current partner, I tried to impress him with this sexy move and he very quickly informed me that it is in fact NOT something all dudes liked. Sorry, babe!”

“Penis size. My first boyfriend had a micropenis. Imagine my surprise when I found that wasn’t normal (pre-Internet days, folks)… Not that there is anything wrong with that. He certainly knew how to use himself. It was just… a surprise…”


“My first sexual partner as an adult would force me to watch subservient Asian pornography and act like that all the time. He’d even play it on the screen in my room and lock me in overnight so I’d learn faster. Yeah turns out that wasn’t normal.”

“He had a washrag with a hole in it that he put over his unit like a bib, but didn’t wear a condom.”

“I would always blow on my ex’s neck while we were dating. If I blew on just the right spot on the right angle, she’d squeak and get really wet. I tried that with my next girlfriend and she literally told me “What are you doing?”

“Not me, but a friend. He heard that while getting a blowjob if you put ice in your mouth it provided an extra sensation. So he did it, but he put the ice in his own mouth. Then asked us all what it was supposed to do for him. I still dog him about it to this day.”

“I was waiting until marriage and about two years into the relationship we decided that I’d give him a hand job since he was watching porn and I’d rather help him out myself since I had never watched it and felt weird at the time. We were in the car, and while we’re making out I decide it’s a good time. Instead of what I know now a hand job actually is, I rotated it in a circle kind of like a joystick.

He didn’t correct me and he finished in less than a minute. That mother fucker never corrected me after another two years of being together, but my next boyfriend literally laughed in my face the first time we hooked up.”

“Having to gag and try not to vomit while going down on her or even smelling my hand after fingering her. I thought every girl just smelled and tasted that bad so I manned up and did the deed for her.

After we broke up and I started hooking up with other girls I realized that, while it’s not my favorite smell and taste in the world, pussy is just fine. My first girlfriend just tasted awful.”

“The first guy I had sex with had a massive penis. Like, the girth of a soda can and probably 10 inches long, not kidding. Sex was incredibly painful, I hated every second of it. I was so inexperienced though that I didn’t realize that wasn’t normal at all, I thought the issue was with me. I mentioned it to my doctor that sex was really painful and she did an exam, didn’t find anything wrong and said it was either psychological or it would just take time for my vagina to adjust to sex. She didn’t think to ask, “does your boyfriend have a giant monster dick?”

So after I stopped seeing him I didn’t have sex for a LONG time because I was so scared of it. Then I dated a guy who had an average sized penis, and I realized that not all penises were the size of my forearm and nothing was wrong with me.

Yay for average penises!”

“I fucked her with a recorder. She just whipped it out and was like “use this.” I knew it wasn’t normal, but I did it. Sadly she did not queef me a tune. I know this isn’t totally on topic, but I had to share.”


“My first GF was DTF anywhere, anytime. I was spoiled and thought that’s just how all women were. My fiance has brought me back down to Earth quite a bit.”


“My first girlfriend liked to bump her nose against my dick, and she called this, and I’m not kidding at all, pecker pecking.”


“Not orgasming. My second partner made me wonder if my first boyfriend bad ever really been inside my vagina…I wish I was kidding.”

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