Sex hacks to keep you both happy between the sheets

Sex is all the rage now. In fact, my dealer tells me “everyone is doing it.” Women are even opening up about what porn they like to watch! The problem is, so many people aren’t doing it right or getting the most out of it.

If there is one thing we’re all willing to practice until we get perfect though, it’s sex. So, incorporate these simple sex hacks into your horizontal habit and get her addicted to the D.

No matter how many times you use that penis pump, your brain is still the biggest sex organ on your body. Your sexual experience can reach new levels by paying attention to stimuli other than just the friction going on.

In addition to body movement, studies have shown certain scents (lavender and pumpkin pie for men, licorice and cucumber for women) can lead to stronger orgasms. According to scientists, a lucky few can even reach orgasm simply through the power of their mind. Yeah, 15-year-old boys, duh.

Pavlov famously trained his dogs to salivate at the sound of a buzzer, by forming an association between the buzzer and food. This same principle can be used to program your mind to get in the mood. It’s simple, actually. Just choose a stimuli: A song, a scent, a flavor – anything really. Make sure it’s present when you climax. After a little while, simply being around that stimuli will get you revved up.

If you’ve gotten past that early point in the relationship where you can’t keep your hands off each other, try taking up a dangerous hobby together. Studies have shown that taking part in dangerous activities releases the same chemicals in your brain as when you first fall in love with someone. Not only does this drive up the sexual tension, but your brain will associate the release of hormones with being in each other’s company. Win/win.

First of all, yes this really is a thing. Ever heard of women reaching climax while working out? Chances are, she had a coregasm. Abdominal orgasms generally last about the same amount of time as normal orgasms, but are slightly less intense and more tingly. No one is sure of exactly how to make them happen, other than they seem to come as the result of extremely taxing exercise of the abdominals. Maybe combine this one with the workout tip mentioned above and really get the juices flowing. Six pack abs and sensational sex? Sign me the fuck up!

For as long as you’ve been getting busy, you’ve been told to lose the socks. Well, you’ve been doing it wrong at least one or two times since then. Studies have shown women are much more likely to reach orgasm while still wearing their socks. Scientists believe this is because socks promote a feeling of comfort, warmth and security.

Something like tantric sex, orgasmic meditation can lead to the most explosive orgasm of your life in as little as 15 minutes. The system was developed by sexpert Nicole Daedone and comes with step-by-step instructions like: “Your guy should sit to your right side on top of at least two pillows and straddle his bent left leg perpendicularly across her torso, foot flat on the opposite side.” So, if following IKEA-like instructions doesn’t scare you, good luck!

Hey ladieeeeeees! If you have a hard time going down on your man without gagging, try clenching your thumb inside your fist. It’s believed that this activates a pressure point in the center of your palm that moves your gagging trigger point further to the back of your throat. If you’re dating Dirk Diggler, maybe try both thumbs?

If you’ve ever felt that post-workout endorphin rush, you know just how euphoric it can be. Imagine adding the intense pleasure of some good sex to that. Yeah, it’s pretty much heaven between the sheets. Or in the shower. Or on the kitchen counter, whatever. Even better, according to those scientist guys, 42% of women and 52% of men crave some ugly bumping after a good workout.

Exercising the pelvic floor can help men and woman achieve mind-blowing orgasms. Women might even find it possible to reach climax while doing the exercise. In men, it can also help prevent premature ejaculation. Not sure how to work the pelvic floor? Next time you’re peeing, stop yourself mid piss. Ignore the stinging, those muscles are the ones you need to work. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this while peeing, you can do it anywhere. I’m doing it right now.

When mom pleaded with you to eat your veggies, she probably didn’t have this reason in mind. Eating a diet heavy in vegetables can dramatically improve your sex drive. This is because those leafy greens are heavy in provitamin A carotenoids – something the body is incapable of manufacturing itself. Studies have shown a lack of this vitamin causes a dramatic reduction in sex drive and libido. Say it with me, “Broccoli for boners!”

Many types of heels tilt a woman’s pelvis to an angle similar to the one that occurs during orgasm. Sounds great, right? Wrong. This means over time the pelvic muscles will constantly be in the orgasmic position. So, when it comes time for the real deal, the sensation will be lessened. Essentially, instead of going from 0-60, you’ll be going from 55-60. Heels can definitely be sexy, but maybe save them for special occasions.

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