April 20, 2024

Sex Education’s Mimi Keene just revealed the most embarrassing scene in Season 3

Sex Education star Mimi Keene, who plays Ruby Matthews on the popular Netflix drama, has quickly become the star of season 3, with fans loving the unexpected new romance between her character and Asa Butterfield’s Otis Milburn. But with so many new scenes for Ruby, it’s no surprise that there are some she’d rather forget about altogether.

The young actor has opened up about the most embarrassing scene she had to film for the latest instalment of the sex-positive series and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with sex. Instead, it was a scene that involved her rolling a joint that left her completely red faced.

“There was one scene where Ruby’s supposed to be rolling weed,” Keene explained, speaking to Digital Spy. “I had to do it. Ruby had very long nails, and there’s a really close-up shot.

“I’m doing this, and I’m trying to look like I’m really good at it because I’m trying to roll the end and tear it off. ”

She continued: “There were so many shots where I’m trying to – and I just ripped the whole thing. I was like, ‘Oh, for god’s sake. ’ And then in the end, I just had it in one hand and then pretended it was there. It was a little pretending. ”

If like us, you binge-watched the entire third season the day it dropped on the streaming platform, you’ll remember the moment Ruby first introduces Otis to her dad, who suffers with Multiple sclerosis (MS). There’s a scene where her dad smokes weed and Ruby helps him light the blunt, before explaining to Otis that he smokes for pain relief purposes.

It’s one of many moments viewers fall in love with Ruby, who as Keene recently told GLAMOUR, is quite different this season. “There’s a lot more of a deep dive into her character. It’s not just the hard, mean exterior that we’ve seen from her up until now,” she said.

She’s right about that!

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