Several of the oldest alcoholic drinks in history, Photos

Booze. Problem solver, problem starter, spark plug of creativity and something that has evolved a plethora of ways throughout the ages.

Alcohol has long been a favourable choice for men and women alike– but just how long has it been around?

Here are the 5 oldest documented alcoholic beverages in history.

Babylonian Beer, 2,700 BCE.

Babylonians have long been known for drinking alcoholic beverages in their history. However, they historically have strayed away from sweet drinks, preferring to consume unsweetened beers. Other than the fact that the beer was made from fermented grains and lacked a sweetener, historians are unsure of a specific recipe.

Etruscan Wine, 3,000 BCE.

Etruscans were an ancient people (before the Romans) who were true pioneers in civilization, even having their own water systems both indoors and outdoors. So, of course they created their own booze. While their language is STILL being deciphered, historic paintings and murals show them drinking large quantities of a home made wine made mostly of red grapes.

Hebrew Wine, The Bible, c. 3,000 BCE.

While people are still working to completely decipher the oldest scripts and ancient texts of the Bible, one thing is completely clear: The ancient Hebrews made wine from the grapevine and drank/sold it in large quantities.

Indian Mead, Rigveda Text, 4,000 BCE.

The Rigveda, an ancient text of which the foundation of modern Hindu culture is based, speaks of an alcoholic drink that is essentially fermented honey, herbs, and vegetables. It was enough for people to get a considerable buzz off of and even write down in sacred texts.

Rice Mead, Jiahu, China: 7,000 BCE.

Jiahu, a site that inhabited a few hundred Ancient Chinese residents, was the birth place of some very, very ancient booze. In fact, it’s home to the oldest documented booze in the world: Rice Mead. Ancient pottery has shown that this mead was made from: yeast, honey, rice, and hawthorn berries. It was sweet, alcoholic, and apparently incredibly popular.

Oldest Bottle of Wine

The oldest bottle of wine on earth is called the Römerwein, or Speyer wine bottle, and is at least 1,650 years of age. Found during the excavation of an Ancient Roman tomb, the bottle was filled with an ancient form of red wine sometime between 325 and 359 A.D.

Wikipedia Commons

World’s Oldest Vodka

Żubrówka brand vodka is the oldest brand of bottled vodka you can buy. They have been producing the stuff since the early 1500’s in Białystok. Since they’ve started, they’ve not taken a break and have been on the market to this day.

The Oldest Brewery in the World

The Benedictine Weihenstephan Abbey, is the oldest continuously running brewery in the world. They started mass producing fine German brews back in 1040. That’s 978 years of perfecting the stuff!

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