Seven myths about women’s health

Reproductive health specialists explain what are the most common mistakes about women’s problems. Women, with their maternal instinct, tend to take care of their loved ones more than about themselves.

But health – an invaluable fragile gift of nature – does not tolerate neglect. Very often we are not serious about our health, creating myths for ourselves. Some myths experts of the Centers of Family Medicine “Zdravitsa” will now try to dispel.

Myth # 1: Cervical erosion in nulliparous women is not necessary.

This is a wrong and very dangerous approach. The fact is that if erosion of the cervix is ​​not treated, there can be dangerous complications (including malignant cell degeneration). From modern and effective methods it is necessary to note radio wave treatment of cervical erosion with the help of apparatus “Surgitron”. Such complications as scarring and stenosis, bleeding, endometriosis (characteristic for other methods of treatment) are absent.

The healing process takes place in a short time. In connection with the absence of complications and a traumatic factor, the device “Surgitron” is widely used in nulliparous women.

Myth number 2: There is no need to visit a woman gynecologist once a year, if there are no anxiety symptoms.

Some infections and pathologies of the reproductive system, mammary glands do not manifest themselves at all with any symptoms. Regular visit to the gynecologist allows you to timely diagnose pathological changes, identify infections and prevent the development of diseases that are very difficult to treat in a neglected state.

Myth # 3: There’s no point in being examined when you’re planning a pregnancy. 

It is necessary to undergo a survey at least 2-3 months before the planned pregnancy. Obligatory examination will be for sexual infections, which are often the cause of miscarriage and can provoke the pathology of the development of the baby. It is advisable to pass the examination and her husband. It is necessary to know about hereditary diseases, about the blood group and Rh factor.

Myth # 4: Do not pay attention to sudden pain and bleeding. Will pass by themselves.

Any sudden alarm signals can be a manifestation of a disease. A timely examination reveals the disease at an early stage, when it is possible to do without medical treatment (or significantly reduce) and surgical intervention. Physiotherapy on modern devices has a good analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effect. For example, physiotherapy on the apparatus of “Andro-Gin” provides the fastest and lasting result with therapy: adhesions of the pelvic organs, inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, including chronic ones.

Myth # 5: An abnormal menstrual cycle (prolonged delays or irregular bleeding) will recover itself.

The cycle may not recover, if it is a manifestation of the disease. Do not treat disorders of the menstrual cycle is very dangerous – they subsequently lead to serious diseases (infertility, uterine fibroids, mastopathy, uterine cancer and breast cancer). Regularity of menstruation is one of the most important indicators of women’s health! In women older than 45 years, cycle disorders can lead to serious pathology and require urgent consultation and examination.

Myth number 6: Once you have consulted a doctor and received a treatment guide, you can use it continuously.

The same method of treatment can help several times, but the time will come when such a wand-wand breaks. For example, Candida fungus, which causes thrush, has the ability to get used to the action of a particular drug, and repeated treatment may not be effective. With the same symptoms, absolutely different diseases can occur, the doctor can diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment.

Myth number 7: The hormonal drugs have a lot of side effects.

There are practically no medicinal preparations without side effects. For example, swelling of the mammary glands with the intake of contraceptive hormones is considered normal. Scant bloody discharge in the first-second months of admission in the intermenstrual period also have the right to be. Headache, dizziness, fluctuations in weight (plus or minus 2 kg) – all this is not pathology and not a sign of the disease.

That there were no really serious problems, before the prescription of the medicine and during its reception it is necessary to be examined and to pass the tests. And only a doctor can prescribe you a drug that does not hurt your health.

Do you have a lot of questions about women’s health? How to protect yourself, if from old tablets you are full? Why do you need to remove the spiral if you are going to have children in the near future? How to cope with the climax that has come – his agonizing tides and depression?

The Centers of Family Medicine “Zdravitsa” employs qualified and attentive specialists who will competently answer all questions related to women’s health and will help to cope with the problem. The Zdravicya Reproductive Health Unit offers its help regardless of your age and stage of the disease. All examinations and consultations can be done in one place, in comfortable conditions, without queues from highly qualified specialists.

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