Seven effective ways to ease your life during critical days

The woman is by nature perfect – so, at least, psychologists advise to think about themselves. That’s just how to keep this faith at a time when no reasonable argument in favor of female benefits does not work: critical days are able to destroy the mood even among the notorious optimists.

 Meanwhile, it is not necessary to endure trouble: in our power to make regular ailments tolerant. How to ease their lives these days, learned correspondent SHE.

Pain during menstruation is called algomenorrhea or dysmenorrhea (literally – violation of the monthly outcome). Tatyana Botkina, a gynecologist at the Duna clinic, told us that according to the statistics of pain during periods, 50-70% of women experience pain, and about 10% of the pain is so strong that they stop living: they are accompanied by dizziness, nausea and even fainting.

Algomenorea is primary and secondary. Primary occurs in young (15-18 years) girls, it is associated with the formation of the ovulatory cycle. The secondary appears after 25 years, and it is usually preceded by some gynecological diseases. Endometriosis is a common cause of pain, but absolutely any illness can be guilty: spikes after inflammation, fibroids, tumors or cysts.

In general, if the pains appeared suddenly and before they were not there – it’s a signal that it’s time to see a doctor. He will find out what’s wrong with you, and will prescribe a cure. 

In the meantime, the doctor diagnoses you, we will understand the most popular methods of pain relief.

1. Drinking tablets

The occurrence of pain in the body comes from special substances – prostaglandins, and if in the second phase of the cycle they are formed a lot, during the monthly you climb on the wall. Tablets from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (the main representatives – aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac) eliminate the cause of pain, reducing the production of prostaglandins. But these preparations can not be drunk for more than two days. “All of them have side effects, in the first place, this effect on the GI tract, frequent administration can cause ulcerative colitis; they also affect the content of leukocytes in the blood, “- warns Tatiana Botkina.

Conclusion: tablets are useful to replace the candles with the same active substance (they do not rape the digestive tract) and take under the supervision of a doctor.

2. Listen to yourself

The science of psychosomatics has its own view of the problem: if a woman has strong pains, but no organic reasons, one must look into her head. “The logic is this: menstruation begins when a woman ceases to be a child and enters adulthood. If for her this transition is painful, the pain can mean that the woman is not ready to take responsibility associated with the female role: wife, mother, partner.

If a woman in sex manages instead of the pleasure of seeing “conjugal duty”, the pains during menstruation are directly related to the broken relationship in the pair. It is more convenient to be sick than to solve the problem, “reasoning Gestalt psychotherapist of the Center of Psychology of the NSU Rimma Efimkin.

Conclusion: ask yourself a question, what keeps you from pain with menstruation? Perhaps this is an excuse to lie down and pokapriznichat, do not prepare dinner or do not go to work? Break in what you want to do?

3. Visit the homeopath

With the disorders of the cycle, the method of homeopathy works well. As the doctor of the homeopathic medical and social center Irina Lomanovich has told, the properly selected constitutional drug helps to achieve the abolition of menstrual syndrome, as with hormonal contraception, but without the side effects that occur against this background.

Conclusion: as an additional treatment, gynecologists do not abandon the experience of homeopathy, but it is important to understand that homeopathy does not replace all methods of classical medicine, and charlatans armed with the Foll method and promising miracles of cure do not have anything to do with homeopathy. A good homeopath always has a medical education and heals only diagnoses confirmed by the usual studies.

4. To drink contraceptives

Some women are prescribed oral contraception for the removal of menstrual syndrome. The development of prostaglandins meets the hormone of the second phase – progesterone, if the fragile balance of hormones is broken, there are pain. Removing ovulation, hormonal preparations give rest to the ovaries, and since natural hormones are not produced, there is no pain associated with a change in the hormonal background.

By the way, pregnancy has the same effect: after it the background is leveled, and often the monthly pains pass just after the birth. 

Conclusion: the appointment of the OC may be due not only to the need for contraception, but also to a decrease in the quality of life in menstruation. However, this does not negate the thorough examination and detection of contraindications.

5. Mass points

Relieve pain and reflexology. “There are standard painkillers, acting on them with a laser, fingers or a needle, we cause reflex irritation and influence the centers of the cerebral cortex”, explains the mechanism Victor Drobyshev, the head of the restorative medicine of NMMU.

Conclusion: you can go to the session once and ask the doctor to show which points “work” for you. From the universal works the point he-gu is located on the rear of the brush between the thumb and forefinger.

6. Eat and relax

Spasmolytic effect is possessed not only by tablets, but also by our food. “Painful menstruation is often associated with a deficiency of magnesium in the body. Magnesium is responsible for relaxing the muscle cell, and if it is not enough, severe spasms occur, “explains dietician Elena Garagulya. To prevent magnesium from being excreted, during the months you need to exclude coffee, chocolate and tea. To make it more come – there are greens, seeds and bran. Magnesium, by the way, is contained in soothing herbs – motherwort, mint and melissa. And that the magnesium is assimilated, vitamin E is required: it is in unrefined vegetable oils and pine nuts.

Conclusion: every meal is accompanied by a handful of greens or salad, seasoned with a spoonful of oil. But calcium in its pure form (cottage cheese, dairy products) should be limited – it provokes a contraction of muscles, and we still need the opposite.

7. Do yoga The

main problem with menstruation – spasms. And all the clips in the body strengthen them. Yoga helps to remove the clamps at the physical level – accordingly, facilitates the monthly. Tatyana Kamchatova, the teacher on female practice of the center “Yoga +”, has recommended to carry out a butterfly pose.

To do this, lie on your back, bend your knees, place your feet on the floor, and pull your heels closer to your crotch.

If the loin hurts, you can put a folded blanket under it, and to completely relax the body – take the strap and make a loop from it: one end is put on the feet, and the other end is on the sacrum area. Exercise relaxes the lower abdomen, you can lie down to 5 minutes.

Conclusion: with monthly it is possible to do only relaxation exercises. Active deflections, inverted poses and twists can not be done.

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