Seth Rogen Is Adding Designer to His Resume – And You Can Purchase One of His Creations

Seth Rogen got a lesson in the art of design thanks to furniture-design firm Bower when he agreed to collaborate with the company on a one-of-a-kind object that will be sold to benefit a charity of the actor’s choice.

The organizers of Sight Unseen Offsite, an annual design fair, have invited several professional designers, such as the Greenpoint, Brooklyn–based design company, to pair up with well-known names, and Rogen is on the list. Other participants include Jason Schwartzman and Boyd Holbrook.

According to an article in The New Yorker, the partners at Bower have created a large, round mirror with curved segments from Rogen’s vision; a phone call took place between the actor and designers, and then a mood board was crafted from Rogen’s ideas. The result is a mirror that resembles a flattened beach ball.

<247 -->Rogen doesn’t have experience with professional design projects of this nature, although as a director and producer he has worked on movie sets and props in the past. “For This Is the End,<249 --> we built a whole house. We designed every corner of it,” he said about the comedic film he directed with Evan Goldberg, which starred his pal James Franco<251 -->.

And Rogen’s wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, who established the foundation Hilarity for Charity, which works to combat Alzheimer’s and will benefit from the profits of the mirror’s sale, said, “Seth has always had a good sense of style and design,” Miller Rogen said. “Like his apartment when we first started dating.”

“For a 23-year-old guy, it was a pretty nice apartment,” Rogen agreed. Miller Rogen added, jokingly, “Other than the black leather sofa that you’re obligated to buy as a young man, when you start getting chest hair.”

“When you’re 20, they’re, like, ‘Here’s your black leather sofa,’” Rogen said. “It was 2002.”

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