Set Aside Your Studs Because Big Acrylic Earrings Are In Again

Go to a department store these days and you may mistake it for a thrift shop. That’s because the 1980s, when fashion was arguably at its most bold, have been making a comeback of sorts.

With designers like Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Tom Ford drawing on the decade for its wide-shoulders, printed pants, and fanny packs, the street style scene is starting to really resemble the Heathers. Also reappearing are those acrylic earrings of years past. According to Pinterest, saves for these retro styles are up 143 percent since last year.

But while colorful, chunky plastic pairs are probably the first to come to mind, today’s styles take on slimmer and sleeker shapes. You’ll find everything from glossy arcs to gorgeous drop earrings – and, of course, the traditional hoops similar to those buried at the bottom of your mom’s jewelry box.

Use them to accessorize a simple ponytail or a messy topknot, a la your favorite Instagram influencer, or to go full-on glam at your next black-tie event. Perhaps the best part? Because they are made of lightweight plastic (aka acrylic, resin, or lucite), however you choose to wear them, these earrings will make a statement without weighing you down.

So, it’s time to set aside your simple studs and shop our favorite acrylic styles for summer below.

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