These are the exact sunglasses all the Islanders are wearing on Love Island this year

We’re little more than a week into Love Island 2019 and we’re already all pretty much longing for a personalised water bottle and suitcase with our names scrawled on them in that special Love Island font.

We also can’t stop ourselves from saying “it is what it is” when the opportunity arises (but we refuse to start saying “bev,” as much as Lucie would like us to).

When you dedicate one hour of every day, six days a week, to watching the same set off stupidly attractive human beings trapped in a Mallorca villa trying to find love, you end up wanting to copy a few of the things they’re doing.

So, anyone else with Love Island fever right now will be pleased to know that it’s very easy to get your hands on the very sunglasses all the islanders are wearing this year.

ITV has released a special range of Love Island sunglasses – and they’re available to buy now. They’re a collab between Love Island and Polaroid, and they’ve been designed specifically for the 2019 season cast.

You can buy them over on the Love Island website, where you’ll see a few recently familiar faces modelling the different shades.

There are several different styles available and each comes in two or three colours.

We’ve got the Polaroid Mirror Aviators, for £50.

The Polaroid Round Pop, for £45.

The Polaroid Oval Pops, for £40.

And the Polaroid Sleek Cat-Eyes, for £45.

Look, let’s be honest. It is what it is, you know; they’re cool.

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