Korean cleansers are the clever secret to the glowiest skin ever

As skincare aficionados here at GLAMOUR HQ, we are constantly on the hunt for exciting new launches, products and, quite frankly, anything that will give our skin a goddam glow.

Ever since K-Beauty burst onto the UK scene in a flurry of sheet masks and essences, the ten-step routine (and all the fancy products and techniques that come with it) have been reinvented more times than Britney Spears – and we’re totally cool with it.

That’s why we are paying serious attention to Korean cleansers right now.

The Koreans pioneered the double cleansing movement, which begins with an oil cleanser. Don’t let the idea of washing your face with oil freak you out – it is the perfect first cleanse as it removes oil-based makeup, SPF and the day’s gunk that water is unable to.

The second step in your double cleanse method involves using a water-based cleanser to break down water-based debris such as dirt and sweat, with some even capable of removing any remaining oil form your first cleanse.

The result? Squeaky clean, glowing skin that will allow skincare products to penetrate deeper and provide the perfect base for your makeup. Plus, because Korean cleansers aren’t foam-based, they won’t strip skin of its natural moisture levels and instead keep your pH levels in check.

“Thorough skincare is part of Korean culture and is encouraged during early childhood years, with Korean women believing that flawless and radiant skin is a sign of true beauty,” explains Robyn Clifford, Product Director at Oh K. “This belief stems back centuries ago where women never exposed their skin to sunlight to achieve healthy and porcelain-like skin. Skin complexion and flawlessness are of great importance in Korean tradition, with the belief that you can tell your fate and fortune by your skin,” continues Robyn. “Korean women dedicate a lot of time to their skincare regimes with a view that it is something to savour and enjoy”.

“Adopting a Korean-inspired skincare regime really helps to change your mindset of taking care of your skin as a chore into it being a pampering session you can look forward to!” – Charlotte Cho, co-Founder of Soko Glam.

Sold? Of course you are. Scroll down for our pick of the best Korean cleansers…

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