A selfie a hundred likes: what tools will you need?

MASKA sequins on your face will be the branch of the sky, the gold patches under the eyes, mask character from “sesame Street” and Shine with the effect of “holographic” – we found the most unusual means of which (and with whom) you really want to be photographed.

Liquid glitter eyeshadow Diamond Dew, LimeCrime

The shadows in the form of a space capsule – it was love at first sight. For one package already, you can put a solid five. But we buchalki, of course, go ahead and check the product on quality and durability.

But here the test is passed for all hundred percent! Liquid brown shades have stood the WHOLE day (and I have it was intense and on the run).

I applied it this morning at 9 am before leaving the house and was extremely surprised that everything remained in their places by eight o’clock in the evening. The easy to apply applicator is triangular in shape – to blend right with your fingers.

Жидкий глиттер для век Diamond Dew, LimeCrime

I have a brownish shade of Chocolate Diamond. Was expecting it to be solid brown color, but with the feather it leaves only the effect of a light toning and bright sequins, which, as they say, seen from space. Use the shadows and as a substrate under a dry texture, and as a top over dark shades for a saturated glow. Wash off easily the gel to remove makeup.

Ink Vinyl Couture shade No. 7 I’m the Storm, Yves Saint Laurent

Тушь Vinyl Couture, оттенок №7 I’m the Storm, Yves Saint Laurent

“I – miss Hurricane” – so shamelessly called a new shade of mascara from Yves Saint Laurent. And, for the first time Vinyl Couture was released last summer, and this is her formula was modified and improved. In the collection of the six colored inks and three top coat for every taste – from bright fuchsia to an elegant eggplant hue.

The shade is number seven for me, not a hurricane, but rather the starry sky on the eyelashes. The ink dark grey, but it has millions and millions of tiny sequins. But don’t be afraid to be like Christmas toy – the glitter is only noticeable upon closer consideration, and resembles snowflakes or rain drops.

And most importantly – you can use the tool quite differently: apply over your regular mascara to create the effect of diamonds, or paint in several layers – you will get excellent casual option, but the eyes will sparkle (in the literal sense of the word).

Palette shimmers / highlighters Hi-Lite shade Mermaids, Lime Crime

Палетка хайлайтеров Hi-Lite, оттенок Mermaids, Lime Crime

Eccentric brand Lime Crime, I love and hate instagram, this year successfully continued its series of shimmers / highlighters Hi-Lite palette Mermaids – the most unconventional in the lineup. In addition to the classic Pearl champagne color in the palette included shades of Seashell and Mermaid, respectively, lavender and green, an unusual, but very beautiful and perfectly fits into the makeup.

Mask Skull with a Rose and Sea Minerals, Mimiang

Восстанавливающая маска «Череп» с Розой и Морскими Минералами, Mimiang

The tool is very “integralnoe” – all 10 minutes lying with the mask, tirelessly doing a selfie. But the increased coverage of my stories is not the only plus of the mask. I applied the product after a day in the heat, when the skin is slightly “tanned”, and there was irritation from wind and dust. The mask coped with adversity, bonus preventing peeling. All in a good “synthesis” minerals and seawater which are generously soaked tissue basis.

Mask Gravitymud Firming Treatment, Glamglow

Маска Gravitymud Firming Treatment, Glamglow 

If you like Shine even without makeup, namely, skin care, created especially for you! This plastic mask silver color from the first application will conquer in your soul the prize for the most beautiful mask, and it still tightens and moisturizes the most at the beginning of the holiday.

Plastic mask with black clay, Mixit

Маска-пленка с черной глиной, Mixit

I don’t like the mask of the film – they hate frozen on the face, to remove them is very painful, and after my sensitive skin redness appear. But this mask could not resist – in a gel base floats a lot of stars and sparkles. The mask is very “istogramma”: while the film hardens, you will have something to do. And your efforts will not go unnoticed – if you check the official account of the brand Manager will write to you thanks and ask about the money.

Shoot the film (pain and redness), and see the result – the person gets better. A pronounced effect on some areas no, because the mask works on the complex restoration of the skin.

The composition has vitamin C (for the cold season vital ingredient) – it will make your skin Shine, even if she resists. Marine collagen will make the skin smooth after the mask and I want to touch your face with your hands. If you have swelling, succinic acid will take care to remove it. But first and foremost – the black clay. It will make the skin matte and clean the pores. Holders of oily and combined type – rejoice! The matte effect will not disappear after a couple of hours – mineral complex of zinc will reduce the production of excess sebum and unnecessary luster appears on the face of the rest of the day.

Face mask Cookie Monster Mask Special Edition, It’s Skin

Маска для лица Cookie Monster Mask Special Edition, It’s Skin 

Korean brand It’s skin has released a collection of funds with the heroes of the show “sesame Street”. At once I will tell for the doubters: for a cute and funny packaging hiding a really effective means. Here you are, and serum with a lifting effect, and chocolate lip balms and that’s such fun fabric mask.

A mask with all the famous Cookie monster, has a calming effect and fights against aging of the skin. By the way, age is clearly struggling and her appearance: a fabric mask and lots and lots of images of cookie monster and looking in the mirror and want to cry out, “Cookies!”. But the part she’s serious: arginine, smoothing out wrinkles and adenosine, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Gold patches Hydro-gel Eye Patch Gold by Natalia Vlasova, Mosmake

Золотые патчи Hydro-gel Eye Patch Gold by Natalia Vlasova, Mosmake

I first became acquainted with this tool for taking photos – Natalia Vlasova showed us the option of evening makeup (you can see the result here). Natalia came to the shooting in the patch, and when she removed them, I gasped – the skin the under-eye area is kept hydrated, toned and seemed to glow from within.

Until the end of the shooting head was only one thought – “I want”. Cherished box fell into my hands, I spent it all. And I can say one thing – these patches will appeal to all without exception. Why?

First, the composition is hyaluronic acid, which plumps the skin making it more elastic. Extra moisture is an added bonus.

Second, the patches significantly improve the complexion. Helps in this extract, Camellia leaf is a natural antioxidant and slows the aging process.

Gold in a gel base too, not just decoration although very “integrame”, hundred likes you provided.

Particles of precious metal are beneficial to the skin, protecting it from aging. Especially great it works in tandem with collagen that supports the epidermis: your skin is not “hanging” on the bones and muscles and become more toned.

Apply in the morning and before important events for 20-30 minutes. From single use to immediately see the effect, and if you use them regularly, the result will be even better. Skin will tell you a big “thank you” for moisturizing, elasticity and beauty (patch can be applied not only to the under eye area, but on the whole face contour – this will help to smooth out wrinkles and tighten the oval).

Lip gloss “Holographic” Dark Wonder, Cosmic Sky, L’etoile Selection

Блеск для губ «Голографик» Dark Wonder, Cosmic Sky, Л’Этуаль Selection

Remember the TV series “Friends”, where Joe starred in the male is lipstick “Ichiban”? I felt it when I first spent more than lip applicator of this miracle-Shine.

The packaging tool looks like a translucent sheen, but I probably upset you (or not surprise). Brightness, holographic and saturation this tool does not hold! Shade perfect for parties with diskozalom – so you can outshine any and to bewitch his fantastic lips.

On the eve of Halloween, these beauty products can be very useful. Here we can safely roam, for example to repeat or to diversify the makeup of Mystic from the famous movie “X-Men”.

After the holiday safely apply a thin layer on top of your favourite lipstick is guaranteed to refresh the image and to add ease in daily makeup.

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