April 20, 2024

Selena Gomez Teases Her New Single With a Pointed Bit of Kim Cattrall ‘Sex and the City’ Audio

As she has long promised, Selena Gomez is about to drop new music, and to promote her upcoming single, Single Soon, the Only Murders actor posted a lip-dub video to a choice bit of Kim Cattrall audio from Sex and the City. Is there a message in here?

On Instagram, Gomez, wearing her bright orange corset top, pantomimes answering the phone as the audio clip plays. “Hello,” Cattrall’s voice is heard saying, as Gomez mouths the words. A man’s voice responds, “It’s over! I told my wife! ” Gomez mimes Cattrall responding, “Who is this? ” The now iconic scene is from a season one episode, in which a man named Ken (of course his name is Ken) has an affair with Samantha, which, as you can see, does not go his way.

Gomez captioned her post, “Single Soon this Friday! ” Cattrall herself responded to Gomez’s use of the clip on Twitter, writing, “I approve this message…💋. ”

Now all there is left to do is try and guess what Gomez is trying to say with this clip and the title of the track, Single Soon. Is she referring to a specific ex-lover? Justin Bieber perhaps? Or maybe The Weeknd?

Sadly, until the song actually drops, it looks like Selena Gomez is keeping her lips (metaphorically) sealed.

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