June 13, 2024

Selena Gomez And Her Braided Updo Would Look Right at Home in The Sound of Music

Selena Gomez and her latest braided hairstyle are a complete cottagecore moment. Now, I will be delighted the day the only “core” I know of is the one in the centre of an apple, but that’s wishful thinking given how the internet labels trends these days.

screenshot from selena gomez's instagram story showing her with a braided updo

So you have to understand that it’s not my fault my brain has been wired to see a something-core in nearly everything, including. The moment I saw Selena’s entire ensemble, though, the first thing that came to mind was cottagecore.

Earlier this week, she shared a picture of her braided updo on her Instagram Stories, but unfortunately, the hairstyle isn’t the star of the show in the photo. You can see Gomez dressed in a blue floral dress smiling while looking away from the camera, so you can only see a side view of this updo.

Thankfully, Los Angeles-based hairstylist Marissa Marino, who styled the look, shared the same picture on her own Instagram Stories and wrote, “A little braid today to switch it up,” confirming it’s a braided hairstyle. Marino slicked Gomez’s hair back before braiding it into the updo we can’t fully appreciate from this photo angle.

Though this isn’t a close-up shot, I’m willing to bet that not one piece of hair or flyaway was present in this hairstyle. It looks neat, but not super polished, as if she was at a red carpet event.

Looking at this hair and dress together, I can’t help but picture Selena Gomez twirling, skipping, and laughing in a large field of colourful flowers, and maybe she did do that before or after taking this picture.

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