See-Through, Clear Accessories Are The Hottest Trend Of The Season

Chanel wasn’t the only designer label to swap their leather accessories for playful, see-through versions. Over at the minimalistic yet chic fashion house of Céline the brand’s biggest takeaway from their Summer 2018 show was a branded, see-through plastic shopping bag which later retailed for $590 and quickly sold out, becoming one of the most covetable, (and clear), accessories of the season.

Before Chanel and Céline offered their stamp of approval, the see-through trend made a noticeable comeback in Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, mainly thanks to the fact that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and her famous family and friends, (like little sis Kylie Jenner), were so quick to adopt the PVC trend.

Let’s get real: the idea of rocking a PVC ensemble from head-to-toe doesn’t seem practical, nor does lathering up your feet to slip them into a restrictive plastic boot that will only result in a build-up of excess sweat–but that’s why it’s all about your accessory game.

Simply update your look with a purse, backpack, or belt. Whether you take it to the sand for a day at the beach or hit the sidewalk on the way to brunch, you’ll add a playful, trendy update to your outfit that’s peak ’90s nostalgia.

We’ve rounded up a slew of our favorite wearable, see-through accessories below to keep you stylin’ all summer long.

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