June 17, 2024

Secrets of body care Smooth, soft, silky

In the thirties the famous Swiss beautician Nadia, shocked by the contrast toned body and aged face of the ballerina Anna Pavlova, was invented face-exercises. Paradox, but today the opposite is true: a well-groomed person is often contrasted with loose skin of the body.

Online lots of sites on the perfection of the silhouette. But they are not about caring, but about the struggle. Cellulite, fullness, stretch marks. Girls lose weight together, support each other, praise results.

On the one hand, this unity pleases. On the other hand… How much can you fight? Because the body is not the enemy and a reliable ally, which, despite all the flaws, crazy the opposite sex. Yes, of course, men appreciate the dimensions and parameters of the silhouette. But! When the room lights go out, the photoreceptors are switched off, giving way to tactile.

Just imagine, on every square millimeter of the finger 250 has nerve endings. Therefore, a strong gender thrilled from one touch to the female skin. And if it is silk and soft, no cellulite and other imperfections will not stand in the way of outbreak of passion.

Гладкое, нежное, шелковистое - секреты ухода за телом

The body fade at about the same rate as the person

If in real life men love with their eyes, in moments of intimacy come to the fore the sense of touch and smell. Enough arguments, in addition to sculpture, perfect forms to think about their clothing? It’s not about clothes, but about what you might find man’s hand, removing it. “When I meet a woman, take her by the elbow. And immediately know whether or not to continue the acquaintance or I spend the night with a roll of sandpaper” – ironically admits Sergei, 34 years.

All forgotten

There was a strong stereotype: the person must be an anti-aging treatment, and the body – anti-cellulite. Spending a significant amount on tools and procedures against sagging and wrinkles, women did not recall that the zone, located below, is also getting old. If they do, don’t consider it a problem. Many believe that once the skin is protected with clothing, she does not receive harm from outside, remains longer young and do not requires special care. A simple lotion or skin cream, together with anti – cellulite products are the beauty high for the body.

Although in reality it fades at about the same rate as the person. However, not because of ultraviolet radiation, and because of his absence. Decreased production of vitamin D, calcium absorption, tablet fiber. Add to that reduced gas exchange under clothing, a tendency to dehydration, changes in weight and other aspects. Without care body 40 years is unattractive.

If from his youth to accustom themselves twice a day to moisturize, you can avoid many problems. Up to of cellulite. Indeed, one of its causes is the loss of tone and weakness of the fibers that occurs during dehydration.


Products for at-home skin care too long ago caught up with products for the face. In addition corny-hydrating can be found here strengthening, and firming, and rejuvenating, and even lifting drugs. But on the first plan closer to winter face creams. Their rich texture and rich composition will come to the rescue, when of heat, chlorinated water and layered clothing the skin on the body becomes dry, rough, scaly.

One look at these solid, luxurious banks instills confidence in equally significant opportunities for content. Austere bottles of milk or gel rather associated with the solution of specific problems: cellulite, oedema, stretch marks, etc.

Another thing – graceful gesture to open the beautiful cover and dip your fingers in velvety soft cream. Due to the high oil content it will instantly give comfort and coziness.

Гладкое, нежное, шелковистое - секреты ухода за телом

Even fans of light textures worth having in the Arsenal at least one such means to apply locally. For example, on the Shin, calf and foot: they often become rough. But also on elbows and forearms, which are also prone to peeling.

But more effective to anoint cream all over the body. In addition to the benefit to the skin is also a powerful anti-stress.

The cream creates the illusion of a second skin for additional protection from the surrounding troubles. The stroking motion that we apply it, can help calm nerves and relieve anxiety.

Therefore, in the difficult moments of life, take a shower and apply cream liberally. Cover yourself in a Bathrobe, lie down, and the world will be much better.

Food of the gods

All kinds of dietary Supplements for weight loss and combat cellulite in the most are a blend of laxative with a diuretic. Act? Act. But only for those who have bad working of the intestines and kidneys. In other cases, may cause failure of the metabolism, will drive the body in a permanent “toilet” stress.

But supplements for skin tone are commendable. They offer substances, lack of which skin experiences with age. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals are responsible for the density of the fibers, and the tenderness and softness – unsaturated omega fatty acids. However, producers in the annotation somehow talking only about the face. But anti-aging Supplements great impact on the skin. As well as vitamins and minerals, coenzyme Q10, collagen and other needed nutrients.

I’m afraid to drink them by the handful? Divide into two doses. For example, vitamins C and D work synergistically with each other. Especially if you take them in the morning. But the absorption of calcium and collagen is better to pass at night. One more observation. This multi-action complexes it is better to take before sports, or walk and they stimulate the metabolism. This means that straineth you will be in full swing.

By the way, physical exercise help you to become not only thinner but younger. They reinforce the skin’s blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues, improve metabolism. Due to this the skin is constantly updated and remains in good shape. Therefore, the need to train the whole body and not just problem areas.

Double overtaking

Time-honoured way to make the skin silk is a bath and scrub. This pair starts most of the recommendations about setting up a date and other pleasant moments.

Just remember, hot water weakens the collagen and reduces the skin tone. And frequent “scrubbing” reduces its protective layer. So to use that Duo is better dosed. In bath you can add anything but algae and other foul-smelling substances. But not before a date. Scrubs is better to choose on the basis of salt and butter – they soften the skin. And again, do not forget about anointing a big dose of cream.

Walk him around half an hour, then blot the excess, and, like silk run out!

Воздушный крем для тела «Жимолость. Карите», L'Occitane

Air body lotion “Honeysuckle. Shea,” L’occitane

Лимфодренажный скраб для тела «Для роскошной и сияющей кожи», «Лошадиная сила»

Lymphatic drainage body scrub “For a luxurious and radiant skin”, “Horsepower”

Антицеллюлитный крем «Морские водоросли» Targeted Toning, Elemis

Anti-cellulite cream “seaweed” Targeted Toning, Elemis

Разглаживающий моделирующий концентрат Body-Slim, Lierac

Smoothing sculpting concentrate Body-Slim Lierac

Моделирующий крем для тела, Comfort Zone

Modeling cream for the body, Comfort Zone

Масло ши для самого широкого спектра применения, Planeta Organica

Shea butter for a wide variety of applications, Planeta Organica

Питательный крем для тела Replenishing Body Cream, Shiseido

Nourishing cream for the body, Replenishing Body Cream, Shiseido

Масло для тела Huile Pour Le Corps Chance, Chanel

Body oil Huile Pour Le Corps Chance Chanel

Восстанавливающий питательный лосьон для тела, Lumene

Regenerating nourishing body lotion, Lumene

Крем для рук против морщин и пигментных пятен Multi-Intensive, Clarins

Hand cream against wrinkles and pigment spots Multi-Intensive, Clarins

Лосьон для рук и тела Scentsations, CND

Lotion hand body Scentsations, CND

Увлажняющий и питательный крем для рук Nutrix Royal Mains, Lancôme

Moisturizing and nourishing hand cream Nutrix Royal Mains, Lancôme

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