June 19, 2024

SE presents gift ideas for men

At the end of winter, it was arranged to give gifts to men – on their holiday. It’s nice to receive gifts, it’s even more pleasant to give them. Reflecting on what to please a loved one, we remember his loving habits and attachments and begin to appreciate him and be touched by him even more.

Of course, you can buy something practical in the house, pack the hammer in shiny paper. But why not go beyond the usual and necessary to you? Even if you do not like games – he loves them!

Well, in any case, you are also not in a lick – sipping from the flask, he will certainly remember you with warmth.

Good clothes and accessories will help him to look decent with you, and if you manage to persuade him to look after the skin of the face, then you will do pleasant not only to him, but to yourself. SHE offers to take advantage of gift ideas. The choice is yours.

In this magic chest are immediately hidden and checkers, and chess, and dominoes, and bones, and cards, and backgammon. Gambling! A set of 6 games,“D’AR Gift Gallery”, 2170 rub.

Here, too, are stored gaming devices, but already of a different kind: a set for smoking and a flask with a funnel, “D’AR Gift Gallery”, 2000 rub.

New bold aroma Calvin Klein Man, woody, crispy-fresh, exciting bodily, reserved-courageous, non-standard, perfume store “L’Etoile”, 2579 rub.

A modern interpretation of elegance in the new fragrance of Lacoste Elegance, combining tartness and spice, fresh bitterness of the North and the fuse of the East, a perfume shop “L’Etoile”, 2569 rubles.

Givenchy Man’s men’s cosmetics are very effective due to the high concentration of ingredients and saves time and effort. Peeling and shaving cream,L’Etoile, 809 rub. and 1009 rubles.

Constant shaving of joy does not add to the skin: foam dries, irregularities appear. Scrub, moisturizing cream and after shave balm will help. Male line Lumene,“L’Etoile”,
319 rubles. , 619 rubles. and 489 rubles.

A plain wool pullover with a V-neck is suitable for everyone and is needed in any wardrobe, Benetton, 1199 rub.

Hooligan sweater with a hood in a daring strip. Why not try? Benetton ,1599 rub.

Light cotton shirt with an unusual pattern for modern romantics, Sisley,1400 rub.

Sports shirt in a small cage for the reserved and bold, Benetton, 1599 rub.

Remember? A tie with a pattern can be worn only to a monophonic shirt, and the strips give the figure a density. Narrow necktie,Sisley, 1225 rub.

A monochrome tie of pure color will give the figure a slender shape and make the wearer visually higher. Blue tie Gant,Benetton, 805 rub.

USB flash drive for warriors. The design is made in the style of an army token, and the additional device is equipped with tools for opening the computer. Memory module CyberSnipa DogTags,“TechnoSiti”, 637руб.

Loves football? Here is another ball, with his help he will be able to see you all the time. And you too. Web-camera Genius,“TechnoSiti”, 779 rubles.

In these headphones you can determine the location of the enemy aircraft by sound, but if you listen to music, then it will really dissolve. Headphones Cresyn CS-HP700R,“TechnoSiti”, 2129 rub.

An irreplaceable device forshooting gamesand quests – joystick Logitech Force 3D Pro USB,“TechnoSiti”, 1709 rubles.

Handmade soap “Demon” has a delicate sensual, masculine aroma and an alarm effect – it invigorates! Shop of natural cosmetics Lush, 182 rub. for 100 grams

Shaving cream “Prince” with essential oils, rose water and gluten of linseed will make the chin so soft that your fingers can not recognize him. Shop of natural cosmetics Lush, 362 rub.

Watch for those who prefer a sporty style. There is an alarm clock, a backlight, a timer and a phone book, Casio. “The City of the Clock”, 1005 rubles.

Classic men’s watches are elegant and unobtrusive. Casio,“The City of the Clock”, 1450 rubles.

A flask is an essential item. But it can also become a stylish accessory and even a reason for pride. Flask of Dalvey Scotland,“Gift Gallery D’AR”, 2170 rub.

For this real Scottish flask your favorite can navigate in space. Flask of Dalvey Scotland with a compass,“Gift Gallery D’AR”, 2990 rub.

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